Arborwear Tree Climbers Series

Designed to help you tackle the outdoors, Arborwear’s been making tree climber’s wear for over ten years. What started out with just canvas material that was too stiff and uncomfortable, has combined with the expensive technology of rock climber’s wear to bring you superior clothing that’ll stay tough fifty feet up in a tree. Arborwear’s Tree Climber’s Series Clothing is reinforced with heavy-duty gussets, and tough stitching to help you get the job done.

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Work pants are like any other piece of safety gear: they should match what you’ll be doing. Some pants are sturdy dungarees, while others have additional pockets for carrying tools. We carry work pants and cargo shorts by Dickies, Arborwear, and Carhartt for men, women, and children.

Work jeans are often a carpenter cut, a relaxed fit with a hammer loop and tool pocket. For additional protection, Arborwear makes its jeans like its Tree Climber pants, with a Rugged Gusset crotch and a double front. Also, some pairs of Carhartt jeans are made from flame resistant material.

Construction workers, when choosing a pair of pants, should pick out a durable pair that will fit overtop work boots. Loggers, however, should look for a sturdier pair of pants. Whether by Carhartt or Arborwear, pants designed for loggers and tree climbers are made from 15-ounce 100% cotton denim and are chap-style with a double knee for knee pads.