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Custom Safety Vests

Custom Safety Vests

Custom Safety Vests

Custom Safety Vests Banner Image: Looks great with your logo. A Great Way to Promote Your Business. Low Set Up & Only 12 Minimum. Shipped Right to Your Door!

If you have any questions about our custom safety products call us at 1-877-411-0036

Branding extends to every aspect of your business - be innovative, bold, and daring with a Custom Safety Vest from Construction Gear. We make it easy to customize safety vests with your name, company name, or logo screen printed directly onto the vest. There is a minimum of 12 custom safety vests per order + no set-up fee for orders of 20 pieces or more. For orders under 20 pieces, a $35.00 set-up fee will be applied per logo, per location. Please call us for a customized quote at 1-877-411-0036 or e-mail our knowledgeable staff is standing by ready to assist you!

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Custom Safety Vests to Boost Your Brand and Ensure Workplace Safety

Equip your crew with personalized safety gear that speaks volumes about your brand's innovation, boldness, and distinction. At Construction Gear, we offer exclusive customizable safety vests that comply with ANSI Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and non-ANSI standards, ensuring no matter the task, safety is top priority. Comfort and functionality also make a perfect combination on our Custom Safety Vests, designed with a breathable polyester mesh material allowing easy movement for a seamless workday.

Our Custom Safety Vests are available for minimum orders of 12 pieces. If your order includes 20 pieces or more, there is no set-up fee. For orders under 20 pieces, there's a $35.00 set-up fee per logo, per location. To speak with our knowledgeable staff, call us at 1-877-411-0036 or e-mail us at to have a customized quote.

Personalized High-Vis Vests for Maximum Visibility and Recognition

When it comes to safety and visibility, our Custom Safety Vests feature high visibility and vivid colors that are coupled with reflective elements to ensure maximum visibility in all conditions. Construction Gear provides your company with the perfect canvas to display your company name, logo, or branding with pride, our Custom Safety Vests allow everyone to recognize and identify your crew even from a distance.

How Does Construction Gear Put a Logo on a Custom Safety Vest?

We made it easy to customize safety vests with your company name or logo directly screen printed onto the vest. Your employees and crew would have a peace of mind knowing that our Custom Safety Vests are perfect to use as a construction safety vest, reflective vest or a traffic vest with your company represented on the back.

Invest in a Custom Safety Vest from Construction Gear and be innovative, bold, and daring as branding extends to every aspect of your business. For customized quotes, please call us at 1-877-411-0036 or email us at Talk to our knowledgeable team and equip your team with safe, comfortable, and stylish gear today!

Which Safety Vest Do I Need?

Not all safety vests are the same. Different industries and job roles require specific types of safety vests to provide optimal protection and visibility. Depending on the industry you are working in and the job role you are performing, you will need a safety vest that meets the requirements for that job. Generally speaking, safety vests come in three different classes. Class 1 safety vests are designed to provide basic visibility for low-risk activities, such as a parking lot attendant, while Class 2 garments are designed for environments with greater visibility challenges, where traffic speeds may exceed 25 mph, and there's a need for increased visibility. This class is commonly used by workers who perform tasks near roadways or in areas with lower lighting. These vests have more visible material and reflective tape compared to Class 1. They may include features like a vest with sleeves or additional reflective striping. Class 3 safety vests offers the highest level of visibility and is intended for workers who face high-risk tasks in complex environments. Class 3 garments are suitable for environments where visibility is severely limited, and traffic speeds are high. They provide the most visible material and reflective tape coverage, often featuring longer sleeves and full pant legs in addition to the vest.

ANSI Class 3 Safety Vest

Construction Gear offers ANSI Class 3 safety vests that are designed for workers exposed to high vehicle speeds and reduced sight distances. Our Custom OccuNomix Type R Class 3 High-Vis Mesh Safety Vest is suitable for these types of workers:

  • Road Construction Workers: These workers are often exposed to fast-moving traffic and need maximum visibility to ensure their safety. Class 3 safety vests with sleeves are essential for protecting these workers and making them highly visible to motorists.
  • Highway Maintenance Crews: Similar to road construction workers, highway maintenance crews work in areas with high-speed traffic. The sleeves on Class 3 safety vests provide additional reflective surfaces, improving their visibility to drivers.
  • Railroad Workers: Railroad workers often work in close proximity to railways and moving trains. Class 3 safety vests with sleeves help to make them easily identifiable to train operators, ensuring their safety while on the job.
  • Airport Ground Crew: Workers on airport runways and taxiways are around active aircraft and require high visibility for their safety. ANSI Class 3 safety vests with sleeves make these workers more visible to pilots and other ground crew members.
  • Emergency Responders: Firefighters, police officers, and other emergency personnel often work in hazardous environments. ANSI Class 3 safety vests with sleeves provide enhanced visibility, allowing them to be easily identified in emergency situations.

Please note that the specific use of ANSI Class 3 safety vests with sleeves may vary depending on industry regulations and company safety policies. It is important for employers to determine the appropriate safety vest requirements based on their unique work environments and local regulations.

Construction Safety Vest

A construction safety vest is a must-have item for workers in construction and other hazardous industries. ANSI Class 2 safety vests provide a greater level of visibility than the standard Class 1 vests, and are designed for environments with higher traffic speeds and lower lighting. Our Custom Pyramex RVZ22 Type R Class 2 High-Vis Mesh Safety Vest is a great option for those in need of Class 2 protection. It features a bright, high-visibility material and reflective tape, making it perfect for workers in hazardous environments. In addition to providing superior visibility, this vest is lightweight and comfortable, making it ideal for long days on the job.

Reflective Vest and Traffic Vest

Our reflective vests that are Non-ANSI compliant still feature reflective tape or strips that are highly visible in both natural and artificial light. They are commonly used where there is ample separation from moving traffic and where worker visibility requirements are not as stringent as those mandated by ANSI standards. These vests are often utilized by parking lot attendants, warehouse workers, and other similar roles where the speeds of moving vehicles are under 25 mph. Our Custom Rawhyde Frontier Non-ANSI High-Vis Safety Vest is a perfect example that still offers an enhanced level of visibility compared to regular clothing, improving worker safety by increasing their visibility to others in low-light or low-visibility conditions.

Add to your team's presence and brand recognition by incorporating your company logo directly onto our safety vests. This personalization adds a sense of unity and identity among your crew members, allowing them to be easily recognized and contribute to a more cohesive work environment.

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