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Hydrographic Hard Hats - FAQs

Q: Are adhesive stickers or paints allowed on hard hats?
A: Applying paint and stickers must be performed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, unless the employer can demonstrate that the altered protective helmet is equally effective and protective. OSHA would consider painting or placing adhesive stickers acceptable if the manufacturer authorizes the alteration or the employer can demonstrate that the reliability of the helmet is not affected.

Q: How long will the film last on the hard hat?
A: Each hard hat goes through an extensive process of surface prepping, priming, painting, dipping, and clear coating. We use the highest grade paints and films to ensure longevity and quality. Each hard hat is expected to withstand the full 5 years, however please use your best judgement on when you should replace your hard hat. Be sure to inspect your hard hat before each use to look for dents, cracks, or imperfections. There will be normal wear and tear along the brim of the hat and it is not unexpected that some of the film MAY wear off.

Q: Is it against OSHA regulations to wear a hydrographic hard hat?
A: The process that we use for hydro dipping does NOT interfere with any OSHA regulations. It should be noted to check with your individual employer, because each workplace has different guidelines for head protection.

Q: Are the films identical when each hard hat gets dipped?
A: Due to some variations, printing will be as close to picture if not exactly the same. There is a chance that placement may be slightly different between two hard hats.

Q: Are the films being dipped onto brand new hard hats?
A: Yes. Each hard hat is 100% brand new and never been worn.

Q: Are all of the hard hats ANSI rated?
A: Yes. All of the hard hats used in the hydrographic printing process are ANSI rated. We recommend reading the description at the bottom of each page to see exact ANSI ratings.

Q: Why does it say "Ships in 7-10 Business Days?"
A: We strive to keep enough stock for all of our hydrographic hard hats. There is a chance that we may run out of stock (due to high demand) - if this is the case it will take roughly 7-10 business days for you to receive your hard hat. Please be sure to check availability before making a selection and placing an order. *There may be a longer waiting period for large orders.

Q: Will you be getting any new films in?
A: We are constantly updating, adding, and removing films. Be sure to come back and check out what is new!

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