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Construction Gear carries a wide range of durable safety glasses and protective eyewear without having to dig a hole in your pockets. We feature trusted brands, such as Uvex, Carhartt, 3M, MCR Safety, ERB Safety, DeWalt, Pyramex, MSA, Edge Safety, and many more. Our product assortments include construction safety glasses, protective goggles, bifocal safety glasses, eyewear accessories, and other eye protection needs for your comfort and defense against work hazards. Shield your eagle eyes with the right protective glasses for a high-yielding performance at work. 

To know more about the ANSI and OSHA eye protection regulations, please go to our Safety Laws FAQ page or visit

Why wear safety glasses?

Eyesight is an important asset that requires significant protection due to its vulnerability. Keeping your eyes safe at all times allows you to accomplish tasks without subjecting them to hazardous elements at the job site. Wearing safety glasses prevents your eyes from getting into contact with fine particles, fumes, chemicals, or UV rays common in construction and industrial workplaces. Your protective eyewear shields the windows to your soul against shards of metal, sawdust, or a breeze swishing with sand. As little as they may seem, these minute fragments lead to serious yet preventable eye injuries by putting on durable safety glasses or goggles. 

Getting suitable protective eyeglasses enables you to see more clearly and easily through smoke, vapor, or bright working environments. Eyewear with shaded, polarized, and mirrored lenses helps your field of vision while working in construction, welding, maintenance, mining, and other industrial sites. Don't let these obstructions damage your vision. Order your eye protection today at Construction Gear.

What are the three types of safety glasses?

Safety glasses cover three major categories you should know before buying one. Directly vented protective eyewear is designed with a space below the lens to inhibit condensation and is intended for lighter tasks assigned to an individual at the workplace. Non-vented safety eye gear seals the portion around the eyes to give complete protection against fine particles, gaseous elements, and droplets of liquid chemicals. Indirectly vented eye protection offers the features of the first two types mentioned. It has a covered vent to permit air under the lens and avoid the moist breath of air between the eyes and glasses, yet blocks the entry of toxic chemical splashes through the eyewear.

Can prescription and reader glasses be safety glasses?

Prescription and safety glasses have different forms and functions. However, manufacturers see the need for laborers to have a protected 20/20 vision while working at a tough job site. Thus, the availability of prescription and safety eyewear in one frame. This enhanced eye protection must meet ANSI standards to assure top-quality performance. Construction Gear also has available ANSI-rated reader safety glasses, such as the Pyramex Safety Ever-Lite Safety Glasses, to assist you in reading building plans and documents clearly at the work site.

The importance of ANSI Z87.1 protective eye gear

Put down your worries and guarantee your safety in rugged job sites with protective gear that complies with the American National Standard Institute or ANSI. You can rest assured that the safety glasses bought from Construction Gear are certified by this standards body, providing a safety rating marked ANSI Z87 or Z87+ for impact protection. Our array of eye protection glasses is tested to withstand impact, heat, dust, radiation, and chemical splash. If you are assigned to more intense working environments, the Z87+ ANSI standard provides additional testing to withstand high mass and velocity impact and lens penetration. Accidents are always imminent at the workplace, so you have to be prepared by wearing dependable eye protection.  

What type of safety glasses does OSHA require?

Following the ANSI and OSHA safety protocols prevents hardworking people on the field from going blind. OSHA approves any type of safety glasses that meets or exceeds the ANSI Z87.1 protection standards to reduce the risk of chemical, environmental, radiological, or mechanical hazards.

Stylish protective eyewear in different designs for construction and industrial utility

Top-rated safety goggles and overglasses

Your regular eyeglasses don't bring the level of protection a pair of safety goggles has while working in tough environments. This protective eyewear safe keeps the eyes by forming a sealed barrier around them to prevent unwanted particles or contaminants from entering and endangering your eyesight. Construction Gear offers a variety of top-performing safety goggles in different frames and fits, including a collection of sporty safety eyewear to put a stylish and modern accent on your eye protection. While some protection goggles are not suitable to wear over prescribed lenses, Construction Gear has available safety goggles to fit over prescription eyewear

Overglasses are more comfortable to workers who prefer having their prescribed lenses more than contact lenses. This type of safety eyewear has a distinct temple bar design to avoid the discomfort of having two eyepieces together at the same time. Construction Gear finds ways to deliver what you need within your comfort level. 

Protective clear work eyeglasses for crystalline vision

Experience distortion-free clarity and detailed vision with clear safety glasses to lead you through a productive day at the job site. Transparent lenses are most commonly used and regarded as the standard lens tint for numerous protective eyewear. Using eye protection with clear lenses is excellent for properly lit indoor or outdoor workplaces. The MSA Arctic Safety Glasses w/ Clear Lens and Gateway Starlite Safety Glasses are perfect examples you must explore.

Differences between tinted, polarized, and mirrored safety sunglasses

Safety glasses with shaded lenses may all seem the same in looks but not in function, as each kind uses different technologies to lessen eye strain. Tinted eye protection, which the Gateway Starlite Colored Lens Safety Glasses uses, minimizes brightness and UV rays to pass through the lenses but does not keep the wearer safe from harsh glare. Polarized safety glasses decrease the exposure to glare thrown back by water, snow, highways, windscreens, or any reflective surface while still ensuring clarity of vision and UV defense. Protective eye gear with mirrored lenses removes glare produced by hard surfaces, such as metal and the road. It also blocks UV rays and boasts extra durability since mirrored lenses and made with an additional layer of a metal reflective coating.

Anti-fog protective eyewear

Everyone could agree that foggy eyewear does not lead to a productive outcome at the work site and may cause accidents along the way. Wearing safety glasses with anti-fog lenses controls environmental changes brought by heat and a humid workplace. Don't let the rush of your hot breath affect your visibility while having your eye protection on. Check out our Crews BearKat and Dallas Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog Lens to see the wonders they can do for you and your work performance.

Custom safety glass

Boost your business' high regard for worker safety by putting your logo on their safety glasses. Personalized protective eyewear is another form of brand awareness for your firm, keeping the company name on top of the prospective clients' memory should they need a contractor to do their structures in the future. At Construction Gear, we offer customization through one-color logo printing on the lens or temples of your chosen safety glasses. Order 12 or more pairs of our protective glasses and enjoy zero set-up fees. You can get your safety glasses within seven to ten business days once the final proof has been approved. Call us at 1-877-411-0035 for more inquiries and we would be delighted to assist you.

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