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Safety Gear

Safety Gear

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No matter what you do for a living, safety should be a primary concern. Not only can on-the-job accidents be painful and costly they can also slow down completion of the job.

At Construction Gear, we carry a variety of safety gear and safety equipment to keep you and your co-workers safe on the job in practically any kind of environment. Whether you're looking for construction safety gear, construction safety clothing, equipment or safety gear for other jobs, we have a wide selection of choices at low prices.

Protecting your head is a key concern in many occupations, and we have hard hats available in many styles, sizes and colors. Our hard hats are available in cap style, with full brim and in many other styles, including cowboy style.

It's just as important to protect your eyesight and your hearing on the job, and we carry many types of safety glasses that will protect your eyes from hazardous liquids and chemicals as well as from sharp objects. Construction Gear also has numerous types of ear plugs to protect your hearing in jobs where high decibel levels are unavoidable. Our ear plugs come with disposable and reusable options, and we even have electronic ear plugs for the ultimate in hearing protection and which let you communicate while protecting your ears.

It's just as important to be seen on dangerous jobs, and we have all kinds of high-visibility products to let others know where you are. Browse our collection to see what's right for you.

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