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Safety Glasses

A word to the wise - protect your eyes. Your eyes are one of your biggest assets in everyday life, and if you work in a job where your eyes could be in danger, you should make sure to protect them with safety glasses and other protective gear. Whether you work with dangerous acids and other liquids or in jobs where particles could shoot up into your eyes, you need a good pair of safety glasses. Think of them as an inexpensive insurance policy on your eyes and eyesight. They should be part of your workwear.

More Safety Glasses Categories

At Construction Gear, we carry a wide assortment of safety glasses and eye protection at low prices. Our offerings include construction safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, construction goggles and more.

Do you wear prescription glasses? No worries. We have prescription safety glasses too. We also carry safety sunglasses for men as well as a wide variety of safety glasses to fit men, women, girls and boys in a multitude of styles and colors to fit any budget.

In addition to construction safety glasses and goggles, we also offer many useful accessories, including eyeglass cords, cleaners, cases and much more. Browse our huge collection of safety eyewear and accessories to find exactly what you need.

For more information on ANSI and OSHA regulations as it pertains to Eye Protection, please visit our information page. Or visit

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