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Why Buy Custom Hard Hats from Us?

Custom hard hats are a great way to improve employee morale while also providing additional exposure and free advertising for your business. With so many choices available out there, you may be wondering why you should buy custom hard hats from us. There are many reasons you should shop first and last when you buy custom hard hats. Let us show you some of the reasons.

Why buy custom hard hats from us?

First, besides the obvious advantages of promoting your business and boosting employee morale, the cost of buying custom hard hats from Construction Gear is incredibly low. In fact, it can be as low as 41 cents per custom hard hat - that's less than a U.S. postage stamp.

Next, Construction Gear has no minimum on orders, so if you have a really small business, you can still order custom hard hats for your crew.

Also, we print your logo on our custom hard hats rather than attaching a sticker. That means more durability. For a nominal extra charge, we can print the name of each of your team members on each custom hard hat as well.

And of course we deliver your hard hats with our usual speedy shipping. Hard hats that we have in stock typically ship within five business days, while special orders and colors ship within 10 business days.

Finally, we offer a huge variety of hard hat styles, including cowboy hard hats. That helps ensure an extra-special look for your workers and your business.

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