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Women's Boots & Shoes

Women's Boots & Shoes

Women's Boots & Shoes

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Women work in industrial occupations, too. Whether in construction, carpentry, or logging, women work in the same conditions as men and need appropriate footwear. Some men’s shoes may fit a woman, but shouldn’t a pair of work boots be fit specifically for her? All of the top manufacturers carry work boots in sizes for women, including both steel and soft toe boots. Additionally, as safety shoes are becoming a popular alternative to boots, these come in sizes for women, as well.

Steel toe boots are required for many workplaces. From logging to manufacturing, steel toe boots are needed to protect feet from being punctured or broken from heavy falling objects or blades. Women’s steel toe boots, as well as steel toed safety shoes, are necessary for females in such work places. Although the safety boots and shoes for women may be sized smaller, most of our safety boots are ASTM F2413-05 rated. Additional properties for a pair of women’s steel toe safety shoes or boots include being slip resistant and static dissipative.

Although leather boots are still the dominate safety shoe for women, another common style has been women’s athletic safety shoes. These work shoes, regardless of a soft or steel toe design, look like athletic shoes from the outside, as they are designed like sneakers. Inside, however, have all of the same qualities as an ASTM rated work boot, including being slip resistant and static dissipative or having a steel toe.

These shoes, as well as the boots, are manufactured by the top makers of safety gear. Whether you need a women’s steel toed boot or an athletic-like safety shoe, most of our ASTM safety boots are made by Carhartt, Caterpillar, Red Wing, Dickies, and Carolina, and other safety boot manufacturers with slip resistant soles and static dissipative properties in sizes for women.

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