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Shop Men's Safety Work Boots and Shoes at Construction Gear

Put your best foot forward on the job by wearing the most suitable footwear to get your work done with ease. Construction Gear offers a great selection of work boots and shoes featuring trusted brands such as Timberland PRO, Wolverine, Carolina, Puma Safety, and Chippewa. Our range of work boots and shoes have numerous features, such as waterproofing, insulation, electrical hazard rating, and resistance to oil, abrasion, slipping, water, and flame. These work boots for men come in different styles, sizes, and colors, from black, dark brown, or tan, to match your personality and footwear construction required by the nature of your work. Our footwear accommodates hundreds of applications where safety, comfort, and durability are demanded. See our collection of Logger, Cowboy, Hiking, Wellington, and Metatarsal boots and shoes to see what we have in store for you.

What's the difference between work boots and regular boots?

Both footwear may look the same and may have similar lace-up, wedge soles, broad square toes, or other aspects in style, however, they vary significantly in their purpose. Work boots are designed to provide safety features to safeguard your feet from the harmful elements present in the workplace. They are built with extra durability and components to ensure one's protection from chemical exposure, abrasion, slippage, cold temperatures, and flame. Regular boots are constructed to serve as a pair of foot covering without special protective characteristics that will help a common field laborer for a secure working environment. So, think twice about wearing your regular boots on the job site. Yes, these boots are made for walking, but not all can withstand the pressures of tough jobs.

How long should work boots last you?

The performance expectancy duration of work boots depends on their daily exposure and working situations. Their lifespan is normally about six to 12 months on average but can be shortened to three months if you frequently move around the work area. The level of your vulnerability to harsh factors in the place you do your tasks plays a factor as well. Minimal use of these work boots for men could extend their lifespan by approximately two years. Leather construction boots usually last about six months, while cowboy safety footwear is figured to conclude its service to you for about five to 10 years of usage. Replace your safety footwear once you experience wearing down and leading to foot aches while working.

What are the best work boots for men? Wear the right shoes for you

Your work boots' safety features should not be the only basis for selecting the best utility footwear for you. There are a few more aspects to consider when you buy the perfect work boots you need for your function at work. We at Construction Gear are delighted to elaborate on the common features of our work boots for men to make your shopping easier.

Durability of a leather material

A pair of leather utility shoes, like the Carolina 6" Amp Lo Wedge Sole Work Boots, provides undeniable resilience to any work environment, even when used for hours daily. Leather material is a well-known choice for durable shoes, especially if you intend to use them on fieldwork. You can rely on leather shoes to last at least two years. Premium-quality leather work boots can last six to seven years when they are regularly maintained, repaired and stored properly. Purchasing leather work boots is the best option if you're looking for value.

Lightweight and comfortable footwear

Wearing lightweight work boots alleviates undue pressure on the feet due to constant movement in the workplace for eight hours or more. This kind of safety footwear prevents foot fatigue and sprained ankles, knees, or back since its construction does not overtire the legs and feet compared to other heavier work boots. Check out our dark brown Timberland Pro Men's 6" Titan Trekker Leather EH and try the comfort it brings to your hardworking feet.

Waterproofed boots

A field worker needs waterproofed work boots whenever it's raining, snowing, or employed in wet work areas. Construction Gear offers one of the best in the market with Wolverine I-90 EPX Waterproof CarbonMAX. These safety boots are lined with moisture-wicking mesh to keep the feet dry and comfortable. Blisters may arise due to the friction of your damp feet to the wet boots you're wearing.

Comfortable insulated utility shoes

Dress your feet in insulated protective footwear such as our Caterpillar Men's Diagnostic Hi Waterproof work boots during a winter day at the work site. They offer protection against winter hazards while providing more warmth and comfort to your feet. Your boots' insulation blocks cold air and moisture from getting into the boots and keeps the body heat within.

Know the benefits of your working boot's toe type

Do steel-toe boots really work?

Yes, steel-toe boots work, especially those graded with an ASTM75-pound-foot compression resistance rating that can hold out against 2,500 lbs. maximum compression. Steel toe protective shoes, such as this top-rated, most comfortable Timberland PRO Men's 6" Pit Boss work boots, are constructed to safeguard your feet from work injuries caused by the pressure of sharp and falling debris. These boots are designed to endure higher impact or pressured contact that you may likely encounter at rugged workplaces or during rough weather conditions.

The difference between a composite and moc toe

If you're working in sites that frequently use metal detectors or have electrical exposure, composite toe boots may work best for you. These work boots are constructed from sturdy non-metal materials such as Kevlar, plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber that also provide protection and resistance against harsh elements in your working space. Construction Gear carries one of the best composite toe work boots in the market through our Wolverine Overpass CarbonMax Waterproof safety shoes. Moc toe boots are those designed with moccasin-style stitching on the toe area. They may not have as many safety features as steel and composite toe shoes. Work boots with moc toe seams like the Genuine Grip Men's S Fellas Wheat Poseidon deliver better flexibility as you work those feet all day. Moc toe stitching make more room for your toes to move because of the higher walls it creates on the toe box.

Where to buy good work boots?

Options, options, and more options are what we have at Construction Gear! We offer affordable yet durable work boots for different work applications, certified and rated to give you the utmost protection while you're working hard on the job site. Browse through our array of safety footgear collections and remember to check our boots and shoes clearance area for your size!

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