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Bucket Boss

Bucket Boss helps you to organize and hold tools in the strongest, most efficient way. Whether you need to carry your wrenches, drill bits, or even 5 tools at once, Bucket Boss tool bags will do the trick.

To help you get organized affordably and quickly, Construction Gear carries an outstanding lineup of products made by Bucket Boss. Founded by a master carpenter in 1987, Bucket Boss makes tool organizers and carriers with convenience and work in mind. At Construction Gear, you can pick from a variety of tool aprons, tool belts, tool bags and, of course, tool buckets.

Buckets made by Bucket Boss range from the simplest, stackable caddies to Bucket Boss products with 30 pockets that fit most 5-gallon buckets and can help you tote tons of tools. We even have Bucket Boss bucket seats that attach to most 5-gallon buckets to let you fashion a quick, portable seat out of just about any bucket. A clear lid lets you see into the six compartments below designed to hold hand tools.

Take a look at some of our best selling items offered here at Bucket Grip by Bucket Boss, Bucket Boss Bucket Stacker, and