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Work & Safety Shoes

Work & Safety Shoes

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Work & Safety Shoes

The best men's construction footwear other than work boots

Working in a construction site requires a laborer to protect every inch of themself from the harsh elements present at the workplace. Aside from the protective apparel Construction Gear offers, our online store completes your safety outfit with a wide array of work boots and shoes for men and women to prevent foot injuries from happening in a rugged environment. As tough as the work conditions you encounter in the construction industry, our variety of safety footwear guarantees the durability, protection, and comfort you need for productivity and outstanding work outcome. These work shoes are made from hardwearing materials and reinforced toe caps put together to resist impact, heat, abrasion, puncture, water or liquid penetration, and electrical shock. Construction Gear presents these work shoes produced by trustworthy brands, such as Timberland Pro, Wolverine, Puma Safety, Nautilus, Genuine Grip, and Reebok. Reduce the risk of your foot getting injuries. Shop your safety footwear with us at Construction Gear and order the pair of work kicks you need for the job.

What type of shoes are best to wear at construction, industrial, or agricultural work sites?

Different types of shoes, especially those for extra functional use, require the highest level of protection to prevent foot injuries. Wearing safety-toe work shoes is essential in industrial and construction work sites since the presence of the harshest conditions is undeniable. The footwear to be worn in these work industries must meet or exceed whichever of the two safety standards, such as ASTM 2413 and EN ISO 20345, with an impact and compression resistance rating of 75, respectively. To withstand the rugged working environments of a construction or industrial site, it helps to put on work shoes constructed with a leather upper, oil-resistant and non-skid outsoles, puncture-proof midsoles, and steel-toe capping. These features help reduce the impact of unavoidable falling tools or debris while working in warehouses, manufacturing plants, construction areas, and industrial workplaces involving heavy machines and objects. Work boots or safety shoes are the best choices for these workplaces.

On the other hand, working in agricultural settings demands safety boots designed with a high-cut design made of leather or rubber material. This style keeps the feet dry from mud and water. Work boots for this type of environment must have properties such as slip-resistance, anti-static, and impenetrability against water.

Lucky for you Construction Gear has protective footwear in different styles, sizes, and sets of safety characteristics to support the feet in every tough working situation.

Features of a good pair of working sneakers

A dependable pair of work shoes show particular features suitable for the strenuous tasks you do and the dangers you are exposed to in the workplace. Construction Gear has assembled a variety of protective footwear selections which ensure safety, durability, and comfort for daily use. These aspects contribute to every worker's productivity without compromising their welfare at the job site. Here are some common properties you must consider in finding the most fitting work shoes for you other than the style and size.

Indestructible material

Harsh working environments like construction sites are always prone to accidents that cause injuries and even death to an affected laborer. Construction Gear values your safety and aims to deliver you back to your family after the work days had ended. How do we do that? We offer you the most resilient footwear to withstand the roughest conditions at the workplace. Our work shoes are made of hardwearing materials with high-quality seams and bonds between the body and sole. The Timberland Pro Powertrain Alloy Safety Toe Work Shoes is one of our strongest products from Construction Gear, featuring a ripstop nylon upper body, top-padded collars, fiberglass shanks, and alloy safety toes bonded with cement construction.

Lightweight construction

Prevent foot strains and the difficulty of dragging heavy shoes with your exhausted feet at work. Construction Gear has lightweight work shoes without compromising their protective aspects. Wolverine Men's Jetstream 2 CarbonMAX Safety Toe Shoes have a light construction made with a sturdy fabric upper body, CarbonmMAX™ safety toe, nylon shank, and rubber EVA blend midsole. This sporty-styled work shoe model offers extreme puncture resistance, perfect for work and athletic use. 

Waterproof properties

Maintain dry feet until you time out from work by wearing waterproof safety shoes. This feature is excellent for damp working conditions or outdoor jobs requiring you to do your duties in the rain. Construction Gear offers Reebok's Men's Athletic Waterproof Trailgrip Work Shoes for this kind of job site. This work shoe has a waterproof membrane with an active traction rubber-lug pattern outsole for magnificent gripping power. It complies with and exceeds the ASTM safety standards and protects you from electrical hazards.

Certified heat-resistance

Flammable chemicals or sparks from welding jobs cause skin burns or irritations. Spare your feet from such accidents by putting on heat- or flame-resistant work shoes. If you are working around chemicals that can catch fire easily, Construction Gear has the perfect pair of footwear for your protection. Timberland Pro's Powertrain Sport safety shoes hold out against a maximum heat of 248°F, supported by a ripstop nylon upper material, alloy safety toe, fiberglass shank, and rubber outsole.

Insulation for warm feet at work

How can you show your best foot forward when they are both frozen from the chilly snow? Insulated work shoes are the answer to your freezing discomfort. Working in the cold unprotected may lead to future health problems, so get the warmth you need by purchasing the right shoes that don't let subzero air into the feet and stop body heat from escaping the footwear.

Anti-slip, puncture, and abrasion resistance

A good pair of work shoes, typically, have properties to resist punctures, abrasions, and slipping at a job site. Nails and other sharp-pointed objects are usually scattered in a construction area. Wearing puncture- and abrasion-proof safety shoes is the best way to lessen the risk of foot injuries. Spiky objects are not the only ones threatening a worker's safety under rugged working conditions. Wet floorings may lead to harmful scenarios at the site, too. Slip-resistant safety shoes provide good traction in sloppy work areas, and Construction Gear has an array of work shoes to get you by every day, rain or shine.

Comfortable and safe experience

Above all the protective aspects given by every pair of work shoes, its comfort also plays an important part to ensure your productivity at work does not suffer. Construction Gear is confident to deliver durable, safe, and snug protective footwear to make you work efficiently under the pressure of different working conditions.

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