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Custom Safety Helmets

Custom Safety Helmets

Custom Safety Helmets

Outfit your work site crew with Custom Safety Helmets imprinted with your choice of names or logos from Construction Gear. We will imprint on all top brands, including MSA, Bullard, Pyramex, North and other makers of safety hard hats. Get started with a minimum order of just 20 logo-imprinted custom hard hats with no set-up fee. With a set-up fee, there's no hard hat minimum. Just upload your logo to be imprinted.

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Promote the business using dependable construction safety helmets

One way to advertise your construction business is to have your workers wear your distinct brand so everyone can notice. Custom printing your business' icon helps build brand recognition that potential clients can recall, should they need your services in the future. Putting the company's logo on the workers' gear motivates them on the field, sharing with them the feeling of belongingness to the team and their safety on site.

Construction Gear offers safety helmet customizations using the silicon pad-printing method, which allows superb ink transfer and long-lasting presentation of your preferred graphic designs or company logo on your headgear. Personalizing safety helmets gives you a one to four-color print option that you can place at the front, back, left, or right side of the protective headpiece.

To push through with your custom order, you only need to place a minimum of 25 safety helmets in your cart with a setup fee. Upload your logos on the order page or email them to Construction Gear ships your custom safety helmets in three to five weeks after the final proof has been approved.    

Work your best while being safe with custom safety hard hats

Safety helmets are not that different from hard hats. Both are designed for head protection. However, safety helmets offer better defense against falling objects, while wearing hard hats is excellent for resisting punctures and penetration. A distinct feature of safety helmets that sets them apart from hard hats is the adjustable chin strap to keep them in place no matter how the obstacles hit your head. Thus, these safety helmets are excellent for driving vehicles at high speed. Regardless of their difference, safety helmets are commonly referred to as hard hats in the field.

Construction Gear has a variety of safety helmets, hard hats, and accessories to protect your head from specific types of hazards your workers may be exposed to in rugged workplaces. Let us walk you through the different kinds of safety helmets offered by Construction Gear for custom printing.

First of all, are safety helmets OSHA-approved?

The safety standards set by the American National Standards Institute or ANSI are the basis of getting an OSHA certification. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates wearing head protection amongst workers subjected to a job environment with risks of injury to the head caused by plummeting objects or tools at the workplace. The OSHA approval relies on the safety helmets' compliance with the minimum criteria of the ANSI Z89.1 impact resistance standards. Construction Gear offers this protective headgear for the laborers' well-being while on duty. Therefore, yes, safety helmets following the ANSI requirements are generally approved by OSHA.

ANSI standards indicate two types of impact resistance. Type 1 ANSI-rated safety helmets are intended to deflect the force hitting only the top of the cap's shell. This category is typical for full-brim safety helmets and hard hats. Type 2 ANSI-rated headgear has 360-degree impact protection at the top, front, back, and sides of the safety helmet. Construction Gear's custom safety helmets are by the ANSI Type 2 merits. 

Working in industrial sites with Type 1 safety helmets

Construction Gear introduces the award-winning Custom General Electric GH400 Type 1 Vented Safety Helmet. It boasts the advanced impact technology by Koroyd, designed with an interior protective layer between the helmet's shell and the wearer. The Koroyd material absorbs the transfer of impact energy at a constant rate better than the traditional EPS foam. The force from the impact makes the Koroyd crumple immediately and uniformly, which protects the wearer better. The EPS foam becomes stiffer and compressed upon the pressure exerted by the fallen object, causing more energy to pass onto the head of the wearer. The General Electric GH400 vented safety helmet has ANSI Type 1 impact protection that deflects impact hitting the top of the head, with Class E and G electrical hazard protection. The GH401 non-vented safety helmet version of this headgear is made of conductive material that meets the ANSI Class C requirements.

Type 2-rated head protection guaranteed

ANSI Type 2 safety helmets from Construction Gear are made and tested to minimize the pressure from impact caused by falling tools, debris, and other objects in unstable workplaces like construction and industrial work environments. The protection covers all angles of the safety helmet, reducing the force of lateral blows both to the left and right sides, front and back parts, and the top portion of the cap shell. These safety helmets with Type 2 classification don't usually have full brims encircling the shells' edges, though some baseball cap-styled helmets are approved by OSHA as long as they meet the ANSI Z89 requirements.

Construction Gear has two kinds of Type 2 safety helmets, offering vented and non-vented shells with different Class specifications to meet the workers' needs in a particular job description or condition. Our non-vented safety helmets include this Custom LIFT RADIX Type 2 Non-Vented Safety Helmet that also comes in blue, hi-vis yellow and black color options. This safety helmet has a four-point LUX suspension system and a magnetic quick-lock, adjustable chinstrap to secure the headgear comfortably throughout a strenuous work shift. This modular helmet can accommodate accessories, such as an ARCLIGHT headlamp, LIFT hearing protection, and multiple add-ons, making it more suitable for various industries operating with manual labor. The Lift Radix Type 2 non-vented safety helmet meets and exceeds the ANSI Class E hard hats specifications, ensuring the workforce's protection against the threat of electric shock of up to 20,000 volts.

Another Type 2 safety helmet variant is the Custom LIFT RADIX Type 2 Vented Safety Helmet. It is also available in hi-vis yellow and has the same features as the non-vented safety helmet version but with a different classification for electrical protection. ANSI Type 2 Class C safety helmets guarantee reliable resistance against impact and penetration from harsh objects in the rugged work site. However, this safety helmet does not warrant protection from any electrical hazard. This head protection is made with better breathability, despite having a conductive shell material, to ensure extra ventilation, which makes the headgear comfortable during hot days on the job.

Security helmets with chin straps

Chin straps prevent hard hats from rolling off, leaving your head unprotected for the slightest second under dangerous circumstances at the workplace. Construction Gear's safety helmets are made with adjustable chin straps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, perfect to wear while working on flat surfaces or bringing them up with you to a significant height. Though OSHA does not require wearing safety helmets to have chin straps, this distinct headgear feature brings about a confident feeling for your safety wherever you are on the job site.

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