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Safety Helmets

Work safe and get a piece of new equipment for head protection

Choosing the most suitable head protection for the working environment you are working in is essential to guarantee your safety in the workplace. Construction Gear has a variety of hard hats and safety helmets to protect you against harsh elements that threaten your well-being while on duty. We offer outstanding headgear from dependable brands, such as MSA, General Electric, Pyramex, and Lift Safety, to prevent severe head accidents resulting from the impact of falling objects or getting in contact with electrically charged surfaces within a construction site or industrial facilities. Shop at Construction Gear and find the perfect safety helmet and hard hats for you at the best price and quality you deserve for your protection.

What protection does the safety helmet's chin strap and accessories deliver?

A chin strap is a distinct element of a safety helmet that sets it apart from hard hats. This feature lets the headgear sit steady over the wearer's head, ensuring the safety helmet won't come off during a fall from the ladder or a forceful bump. Wearing safety helmets with chin straps lessens the risk of acquiring severe head injuries once the wearer contacts impact pressure from the ground or a plunging object.

Safety helmets, like this LIFT RADIX HRX-22HVC2 Hi-Viz Yellow Type 2 Vented Safety Helmet, offer slots for accessories beneficial for the wearer's job conditions. Lift Radix modular headgear has integrated accessory clips compatible with Lift accessories, such as an ARCLIGHT headlamp, LIFT hearing protection, and multiple add-ons.

Trust certified safety helmets and hard hats for your security

Acquiring head protection gear with certifications is the best way to shield workers from head injuries or accidental death. OSHA references ANSI Types 1 and 2 classifications, adding electrical hazard standards to approve safety helmets and hard hats according to the work conditions the workforce is operating on. When searching for the most suitable headgear, make sure you always get head protection that is tested meticulously to deliver you to safety against the harshest job environments.

The difference between ANSI Type 1 and Type 2 working helmets against fall and impact

ANSI Z89 Type 1 safety helmets are remarkable headgear with industrial head protection to deflect the force of impact on top of the wearers' heads. Meanwhile, the ANSI Type 2 headgear, like Construction Gear's LIFT RADIX HRX-22CKE2 Black Carbon Type 2 Non-Vented Safety Helmet, guarantees resistance against a blow at the top, front, back, left, and right sides of the head. Both classifications undergo four performance tests, which include force transmission, apex penetration, flammability, and electrical insulation.

Types 1 and 2 safety helmet categories work better with extra protection from electric currents in certain working environments. These specifications are rated as ANSI Class C, G, andClass E hard hats. Class C-rated safety helmets do not guarantee protection from electrical hazards. Class G head protection provides safety from low electric currents of up to 2,200 volts, while Class E headgear shields you from high-voltage conductors at a maximum of 20,000 volts.

What is the OSHA helmet color code in a particular job application?

Color-coded safety helmets and hard hats indicate the kind of work the staff is assigned to. This OSHA regulation enables people operating on the job site to be recognized easily and identify the workers and their respective roles within the workplace. OSHA set four common colors for safety helmets, but these shades don't specify the level of protection they provide against the risk of head injuries. These colors are white, yellow, green, and orange, each about a specific work application.

Cleanliness of the working environment is the emphasis on wearing white safety helmets, such as thisLIFT RADIX Type 2 Non-Vented Safety Helmet. Therefore, it is perfect for industries involved in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. White means another by wearing it on construction sites, as it identifies the wearers as part of the decision-making team of the project, such as managers, foremen, engineers, and supervisors.

Yellow helmets, like this LIFT RADIX HRX-22HVE2 Hi-Viz Yellow Type 2 Non-Vented Safety Helmet, are intended for work applications like construction, utilities, and telecommunications. This color is also recommended for general laborers and earth-moving operators because of its high visibility, even in low-lighted areas of the job site.

Oil and gas industries are encouraged to use green helmets for their workers. However, construction sites also use this colored helmet for safety inspectors and new or probationary workers on duty. Wearing this MSA V-Gard H1 Trivent Safety Helmet Hard Hat in a rugged workplace helps senior officers to pinpoint the trainees and recruits quickly.

Emergency response and rescue operations workers need to put on orange safety helmets like the Pyramex Ridgeline XR7 Safety Helmet Hard Hat. Road workers, slingers, signalers, and lifting operatives are also required to wear orange helmets, especially those in high-visibility orange shades, for better recognition at night alongside high-speed traffic.

Boosting brand identity in construction and industrial sites

Safety helmets are not only for head protection but also a helpful form of below-the-line brand advertisement that targets potential clients passing by a construction project or industrial facility. Construction Gear offers high-quality safety helmets for injury prevention and clear image printing on the headgear for brand promotion and recollection by availing of our custom hard hat service.

You can personalize your headgear by ordering at least 25 pieces of your selected custom safety helmet line with only a $100 setup fee. Choose from different color options for your prints, ranging from one- to four-color image transfers you can place at the front, back, left, or right side of the protective headpiece. Construction Gear does not use stickers to showcase your company logos and texts. We use the silicon pad-printing process, permitting exceptional ink transfer and long-lasting presentation of your preferred graphic designs on your headgear. Upload your logos on the order page or email them to Construction Gear ships your custom safety helmets in three to five weeks after the final proof has been approved.

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