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Full Brim Hard Hats

Full Brim Hard Hats

Full Brim Hard Hats

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Work better with a comfortable and durable safety helmet

Protecting yourself within hazardous work sites has always been imperative for every individual in it. Construction Gear provides top-rated head protection featuring a wide selection of hard hats and accessories to guarantee your safety while on duty. We carry trusted branded hard hats, such as Lift Safety, Pyramex, MSA, and more, at an affordable price to ensure protection from impact, electrocution, or environmental elements that surround the area you work in. At Construction Gear, we stick to our goal of helping you get through your day's shift comfortably and safely back to your families. 

Why use a full-brim hard hat at a construction site?

Construction areas are known to be dangerous due to falling objects, subject to changing weather elements, chemicals, and sharp debris. A laborer needs all the protection from head to toe for his welfare. Full-brim hard hats are essential personal protective equipment, guaranteeing people's safety with a 360-degree head shield. This hard hat design provides security and comfort that a cap-style safety helmet is limited to offer. 

Shade and side impact protection

Aside from reducing impact at the top of the head and rated electrical protection this hard hat delivers, full-brim headgear presents extra functions to reduce the risk of injuries and keep you comfortable. The brim surrounding the edge of the hard hat offers enough shade to prevent too much exposure to the sun's scorching heat and heavy rainfall. This 360-degree visor puts the face, ears, neck, and nape from sunburn, plunging debris, electrical risks, and non-toxic splotches. Full-brim hard hats are recommended for construction workers, electricians, steel factory laborers, and utilitymen. Don't compromise your well-being, order a dependable full-brim hard hat from Construction Gear, today.  

What is the highest class of hard hats?

Among the three major classifications of hard hats, ANSI Class E safety helmets provide a higher level of protection from impact and the repulsion of 20,000 volts at the workplace. Hard hats possessing Classes C, G, and E ratings increase the worker's defense against job site hazards. Construction Gear presents a variety of full-brim hard hats to ensure your safety from accidents. 

Lift your work performance by choosing the right full-brim hard hat

Execute your tasks in high-risk working environments with confidence and protection using certified safety headgear. Full-brim hard hats offer an effective barrier to keep the head safe while operating in enclosed spaces and outdoors where falling debris and sun exposure are anticipated. Construction Gear presents hard hats in full and cap-style brims with ANSI Z89 certifications to relieve your worries about injuries in the workplace. Here are some of the best features you should consider when shopping for your full-brim hard hats.

Class E professional ratings

ANSI Class E hard hats serve as protection to workers assigned near electrical equipment and the risk of electrocution from uncovered live wires or powered-on parts of the structure. This classification safeguards the head from impact and protects an electrician or linemen against 20,000 high voltage. If you're after specialized electrical hazard head protection, the Custom MSA V-Gard full-brim hard hat meets and exceeds only the Class E-approved standard. This MSA V-gard safety helmet provides Fas-Trac III ratchet suspension to relieve headaches caused by an unstable hold, sweat-wicking limitation from the cushion, and other discomforts a regular hard hat brings the wearer.

Construction Gear has available safety helmets, such as the Pyramex SL Series full-brim hard hat that offers not only the Class E certification but also complies with Class C and G standards. Three standard ratings in one hard hat model increase the headgear's protection level threefold.

Carbon fiber material

Carbon fiber hard hats showcase a durable, long-lasting material. They have a lightweight feel yet still guarantee the same strength as metal or HDPE safety helmets. These hard hats withstand dents, scratches, and impact. Similar to other hard hats, those made from carbon fiber also have a 5-year lifespan and have alike guidelines for replacement. Construction Gear presents a collection of carbon fiber hard hats through the Lift Safety brand. One of these full-brim helmets is LIFT DAX Carbon Fiber Hard Hat fortified by resin shell coating, showing a unique look. 

Vented and wide-brim designs

Vented hard hats allow proper air circulation and prevent the heat from rising or trapped inside the protective headgear. This feature found in a vented ERB Safety Americana hard hat provides interior head comfort but is not advisable to be worn by people operating near electrical hazards. Open vents invite electrical currents to crawl inside the hard hat, causing electric shock to the wearer. Electricians, technical operators, linemen, and other jobs connected with electricity should use non-vented hard hats for their warranted protection.

Hard hats with wide full brims extend the coverage for the front, back, and side protection against sunburn, rain, chemical splashes, and impact on all angles toward the head. This broad brim style puts a big portion of the head to get enough shade from intense sunlight or heavy pouring rain.

Custom-printed headgear

Customizations are available for full-brim hard hats purchased from Construction Gear. We custom-print your company logo and other useful details using high-quality colors to entice possible clients to contact your office. Show off your logo between one- to five-colored graphic layouts, placed at the front, back, left, or right section of a Custom Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat or any helmet model or brand of your choice. We offer no set-up fees if you order a minimum of 20 hard hats or more for custom printing. Purchase less than the required minimum quantity for a set-up fee of $50.00. Your personalized hard hats ship seven to ten business days once the proof has been approved. Call us at 1-877-411-0035 for more information about this amazing deal. Recognize your laborers and other manpower support immediately in the field while advertising your business to the community. Have your people wear your company logo loud and proud, making them feel that you value their safety and hard work and that they are an important asset to your business.

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