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Men's Jackets & Coats

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Handsome men's work uniform jackets and coats for your safety

Protect yourself from cold working environments by wearing the best outerwear Construction Gear has in store for you. Our site offers several assortments of work jackets and coats to keep you warm as you go through a chilly day on the job site. They will help you finish tasks productively without being bothered by the freezing or wet working conditions. From traditional work coat designs to trendy hooded jackets, Construction Gear provides great selections from the most trusted brands to beat the harshest of conditions, which include rain, snow, or sleet. See what we have for you and find the most suitable outerwear for your needs.

What is a workman jacket?

A workman's jacket is also called a worker's jacket or chore coat. This type of outerwear has a roomy, boxed fit with exterior pockets for easy storage of tools and small personal belongings while at work. The spacious cut of chore coats allows workers to move without difficulty while handling their heavy equipment and machines in cold workspaces.

Workman's jackets and coats have a great following among blue-collar laborers because of their comfort on windy, icy, and wet days, the free movements they commit for productive manual labor, and the accessibility to tools for better efficiency while on the worksite. Farmers, construction workers, building maintenance staff, and auto mechanics are some of the most common customers availing of these chore coats. Shop at Construction Gear and see the roster of workman's jackets like the DRI DUCK Outlaw 5087 Chore Coat and Rothco Vintage M-65 Olive Field Jacket, to name a few.  

Different styles for various cold weather seasons

Men's regular jackets and coats keep tabs on the latest fashion trends. This evolution of styles extends to workwear, too. We make sure to deliver functional clothing that follows modern designs, enabling workers to express their individuality at work while maintaining the safety features required on the job site. Not only does Construction Gear carry up-to-date styles to flaunt every day, but we also see that comfort, safety, and convenience are taken care of as you put on the most durable and reliable outerwear during the winter and rainy seasons. Choose from Construction Gear's work jackets and coats, offering different levels of warmth and ease. The cold will not be an issue for you anymore.

Work jackets lined in fleece, quilt, and thermal fabric to warm winter workdays

Plumbers, heavy equipment operators, linemen, and road construction workers love to put on thermal, fleece-, or quilt-lined jackets while doing their tasks in extremely cold indoor or outdoor work sites. This type of jacket, like Construction Gear's Dickies 33237 Men's Fleece-Lined Hooded Nylon Jacket, keeps the much-needed warmth as much as possible to prevent hypothermia, especially in freezing conditions. The plush fleece lining confines the body heat inside the jacket while providing comfort despite the low temperature that envelops the work area. 

Quilt-lined outerwear, such as this Carhartt C003 Men's Arctic Quilt Lined Duck Traditional Coat, guarantees a high level of warmth during winter days or in transitional seasons, yet it feels lightweight and adds comfort to the wearer. It is perfect for jobs that require driving, traveling, and other outdoor work assignments since quilted jackets are wind-resistant and have exceptional insulation.

If you're looking for outerwear to provide warmth, comfort, and durability, Construction Gear's DRI DUCK 7033 Men's Crossfire Thermal-lined Fleece Jacket makes a freezing workday that much more bearable. It is tailored with heavyweight Power Fleece and a thermal lining to keep the worker heated under chilly conditions outside and in the workplace.

Waterproof hoodies for rain protection

Shield yourself from getting drenched in the rain while working outdoors as you wear a waterproof jacket ordered from Construction Gear. Our Blaklader US Pro 4939 Waterproof Softshell and Carhartt J162 Men's Waterproof Shoreline Jackets ensure to keep you dry and comfortable amidst a heavy downpour or liquid splashes at the job site. These waterproof jackets are constructed, respectively, of 100% polyester and Oxford nylon materials, making any liquid matter impossible to get through the fabric from head to toe. Construction Gear's waterproof outerwear is also wind-proof with secured seams for extra durability to withstand severe weather conditions.

Construction Gear's waterproof jackets also offer non-hooded styles, such as Blacklader's 4957 softshell and two-fisted fleece storm jackets. Get continuous comfort and warmth in stormy conditions by gearing up with the perfect weather- and waterproof jackets and coats offered by Construction Gear's dependable workwear brands.

Custom design your workwear jackets and coats with your company logo

Construction Gear features a great way to advertise your business by personalizing selected workwear with your esteemed brand or company logo, texts, and other graphics. These customization services are available by ordering 12 pieces of participating items for custom printing or embroidery.

Having your workman's jackets and coats embroidered with your brand's logo is an excellent detail to showcase your identity on the job site. Embroidered graphics on your workwear do not fade easily and you don't have to worry about the prints deteriorating after a few washes. Simply order a minimum of 12 pieces of the same outerwear or sweatshirt for custom embroidery with a setup fee. This needlework service also extends to ANSI Class-certified high-visibility jackets.

Apart from sewing graphic enhancements, Construction Gear also provides custom-printing services for hi-vis reflective jackets and vests with ANSI Class 2 and 3 ratings. We accept a minimum order quantity of 12 hi-vis safety workwear for only a small customization setup fee. Our assortment of ANSI Class-approved clothing for custom printing allows one- to two-color logos that you can place on either side of the chest or the back panel of your jackets and vests. Some styles also offer multiple logo or text placements.

Please contact us at 1-877-411-0035 or email for more information about these services or request a quotation. Let us help promote your company. Order your workwear needs from Construction Gear, and we would be delighted to personalize them for you. 

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