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Women's Boots

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Women's Boots - Find what Fits You at Construction Gear!

Not all modern working women are confined to office spaces or at home. People can now find a lot of women working in the toughest jobs where men are usually employed. Strut that girl power with the right protective boots for our strong ladies to operate on a construction site. Women find it difficult to search for work shoes that fit them well. Fortunately, Construction Gear has an array of branded protective boots suited for ladies who do manual labor, too, in a construction or industrial workplace.   

What type of boots do you need for construction?

Construction sites are filled with hazardous elements for working men and women alike. Workers in this field of expertise must wear sturdy personal protective equipment, including footwear securing their safety on the job site. Construction Gear knows what you need. 

We have good quality work boots that comply with the OSHA standards relating to resistance against puncture, abrasion, and slipping on sloppy surfaces. Our line of men's and women's safety toe shoes guarantees protection from impact and shear caused by falling debris or heavy apparatus in the workplace.

Some workplaces and job designations involve wet environments and exposure to flame or heat. Construction Gear offers safety for such demanding construction jobs with waterproof rain and neoprene boots, heat-resistant shoes, and insulation features to keep your feet shielded and comfortable at all times.

For concrete work, carpentry, electrical, welding, or whatever the job requirement is expected from you on a construction site, our women's work boots are designed to prevent injuries from rugged working environments while maintaining a feminine look.

Can I wear hiking boots for construction?

Hiking and safety work boots have varying functions, as to what each name suggests. However, these two types of boots aim to bring stability, protection, and comfort to whichever activity the wearer intends to use them for. Construction Gear hears the market's demands for consolidated features of these boots into one footwear that they can bring to their hiking trips and work with on construction duty. Therefore, yes. Hiking boots can be used for construction jobs as long as they are rated accordingly to meet the standards set by OSHA.

Construction Gear puts forward the Avenger steel-toe and composite-toe hiker-style work boots to accompany you with hiking adventures and withstand the stress of working in a hazardous construction environment. Both have leather material uppers, cushioned insoles, safety toe caps for impact protection, waterproof membranes, and outsoles to resist oil, water, puncture, and slips. Our hiker-style work boots provide flexibility that comes suitable for long hours of walking on different terrains, either in the wilderness or on a vast construction site. 

Safety-toe work shoes in different cap styles

Protecting the feet from getting crushed or rolled over on the construction site is the main objective of wearing safety-toe work shoes. There are two popular kinds of toe caps for distinct work conditions or environments. Knowing their defensive attributes is essential in choosing the right toe cap. Save your toes, even your nail polish, with the best safety-toe boots Construction Gear has to offer.

Ladies' steel-toe shoes

Steel-toe boots are intended for harsh working conditions, giving better protection against higher impact or compression, cutting or puncturing hazards, electrocution, or intense weather changes. The steel material used for the toe cap is hardwearing to resist falling, rolling, or piercing concrete, metal, or heavy wood. At Construction Gear, we set a wide selection of durable steel-toe boots in women's sizes and fashionable colors in pretty pink, tan, brown, and black. Prevent the "Ow!" and show off a sure "Wow," as you walk on your trendy protective footwear on a job site.

Women's composite-toe work booties

Composite-toe shoes are designed for work environments with lesser risks of foot injuries. Since the toe cap is made of non-metallic materials, it does not conduct electric currents found on the job site. Electricians, technical operators, and workers employed in electricity-related designations prefer composite-toe boots to steel ones. These safety-toe boots are 30% lighter than steel-toe shoes, minimizing leg exhaustion as the worker goes about her daily assigned tasks. Composite-toe boots found in Construction Gear's work shoe product catalog are compliant with the OSHA standards, warranting safety regardless of how light the threat of injury may a workplace impose on the wearer.   

Get to know our top Work Boot Brands

Safety Girl

Safety Girl is a name from the Online Stores LLC PA family of brands. This label is created to support women with their functional workwear needs, providing improved performance and confidence while working in construction, industrial, welding, and other hazardous job sites. Safety Girl resolves every woman's dilemma of searching for her personal protective equipment in the size that fits her and the design to showcase her feminine personality. Every woman employed in rugged working environments needs to be equally protected, and Safety Girl provides assurance through its roster of high-quality workwear, hard hats, protective eyewear, accessories, and footwear. Tough women should not settle for less. Browse through our Safety Girl line to see the comfort and protection each product guarantees for your job requirements.   

Timberland Pro

Empowering women working in a man's workplace, Timberland Pro presents its women's lineup to overcome difficult work environments. This brand helps girls at a safety risk by providing tools and protective gear to face the challenges of operating in industrial and construction sites. Timberland Pro is one of the most trusted brands, delivering comfort, durability, and performance through its safety clothing and accessories. Its safety footwear features a unique design engineered to conform to the shape and size of a woman's foot. Timberland Pro's women's work shoes give unwavering protection in a low-profile style, versatile fit, and lightweight materials. Strong girls at work deserve the best. Check out Timberland Pro's safety products today at

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