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Women's Composite Toe Shoes

Women's Composite Toe Shoes

Women's Composite Toe Shoes

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Women's Composite Toe Shoes

The best women's safety composite toe work shoes at great deals

Women working in rugged workplaces usually find it difficult to get work shoes to protect their feet on the job site. Construction Gear has the perfect selection of safety footwear that matches the requirements of their tough job. Ladies don't have to look elsewhere to provide them with the comfort and protection they need. Construction Gear gives these persevering women what they deserve: quality shoes that they can wear while working in these tough environments. Make your life easier by wearing our branded composite-toe safety shoes at work.

What does composite toe mean in shoes?

Composite-toe safety shoes are constructed from non-metallic materials, great for workplaces with metal detectors in operation. They are usually made from strong plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar material that doesn't conduct heat and or electric currents, making them the excellent choice for engineers, electricians, technicians, and workers with similar exposure to electricity. Comp-toe caps have lesser impact resistance than steel-toe shoes, but they do great for road and construction sites with minimal vulnerability to intense compression or forceful impact.

What is the difference between composite-toe and carbon-toe caps?

Carbon fiber is one of the non-metal materials used for composite-toe caps. These toe caps don't vary much, especially with the level of protection each provides. However, carbon-toe caps are made using up-to-date modern technology to produce lighter protective toe covering. Try these Hoss 20170 ALTO UL Carbon Nanofiber Toe Shoes out and enjoy the comfort and safety a pair gives you at the workplace.

Choosing composite-toe shoes instead of steel- or alloy-toe footwear

Selecting the suitable toe cap for your work shoes depends on the protection requirements of a job site. Comp-toe shoes are 30% lighter than steel-toe footwear, leading to reduced leg fatigue. Work shoes with composite-toe comply with the same protection standards as those with steel- and alloy-toe caps. Since the caps are made of non-metal compounds, comp-toe shoes are non-conductors of heat, cold, and electricity, preventing sparks and providing thermal insulation.

Steel-toe caps have the strongest impact protection, making them the best choice for working environments that impose high-risk injuries. If the workplace is not too life-threatening, comp-toe boots and shoes are enough to keep you safe and comfortable.

Features of great comp-toe footwear

Lightweight and comfortable experience

Walk as if you're on air while wearing a pair of lightweight and comfy composite-toe shoes. Construction Gear features an ultra-lightweight safety boot through our Genuine Grip 350 Composite Toe Professional Work Shoe that functions great in most harsh working conditions. Women won't have to drag their feet as they walk, push, pull, carry heavy objects, or just stand on greasy and wet surfaces while they have this footwear on. Be comfortable and stay safe at the same time with comp-toe protective shoes.

ESD or Electrostatic Dissipative property

Prevent shocks caused by static rush from broken electrical tools or machines on the job site. It is a plus point if you have reliable footwear with an ESD or anti-static property to reduce the risk of spreading static electricity to your body. ESD shoes direct the electrons picked up by the body to the ground instead of setting the static electricity in the direction of your machines or electric apparatus. Similar to other ESD footwear, Construction Gear's Rockport RK644 Parissa Composite Toe Shoes elude sparks that can eventually lead to fire ignition or explosion at the workplace.


Construction spaces are filled with hazardous elements that you can either step on or fall in. Wearing puncture-resistant footwear steers you clear of the chances of hurting yourself from walking on sharp pieces, such as nails, screws, shards of glass, or bladed tools. Mellow Walk 446128 Maddy Pull-on EH Composite Toe Shoes guarantee safety at the workplace. This footwear has a composite-toe cap to shield the wearer's toes against impact from falling objects and a composite puncture plate so you won't worry about marching to work with a nail protruding on your sole.

Waterproof attribute

Working with wet feet is uncomfortable, but this is no problem Construction Gear can't fix. We offer the best footwear to keep every woman comfy on the job site, even when it's raining or snowing. At Construction Gear, we serve you these Rockport RK777 Pulse Tech Work Waterproof and Hoss 20230 Reno Composite Toe Shoes to keep your feet dry all the time despite handling outdoor tasks in unpredictable weather. Don't let snow, rainwater, or other liquid substances bother your productivity. Put on our trusted waterproof safety shoes to keep you going at work, whatever season it is.

Roomy wide-toe cap boots

Move your toes freely inside a pair of wide-toe cap boots. Footwear with narrow toe boxes may cause foot complications, such as bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, or tendonitis. Putting on safety shoes with spacious wide-toe caps minimizes the risk of getting these foot problems. This style, in fact, supports an inherently aligned spine. Be aware of this feature's benefit by trying our Rockport More Energy Boots or Hoss 24533 Express Composite Toe Shoes.

Slip- and oil-resistant outsoles

Slipping on oily or sloppy surfaces on duty at a construction site can be detrimental. It is imperative to gear up with slip-resistant footwear like this Nautilus Stratus Oxford Shoe to avoid dangerous accidents from happening. Acquire safety shoes that provide great grip. Look no further because Construction Gear has protective footwear to keep you out of harm's way.

Functional athletic-styled work sneakers

Construction Gear prioritizes one's comfort and safety as well as making sure that every super girl working in hazardous environments gets to flaunt their style. Well, we are proud to have a handful of those. Women love to show off their personalities with the clothes and shoes they wear. Why wear manly footwear when they can put on shoes that empower them best? Construction Gear puts forward a line of athletic-looking work shoes, such as these Wolverine Bolt Vent Durashocks Carbonmax Shoes and Reebok BB4500 RB161 Work Composite Toe Shoes, to give the fashion sense women like to present.

Our exceptional branded comp-toe safety shoes


Reebok values everything a woman needs to produce outstanding outputs in a rugged workplace. Women not only love Reebok's sporty footwear products but also find comfort and protection in this brand's safety-toe work shoes. Save your feet from blisters and get a pair of amazing Reebok lightweight yet durable shoes!


Work as hard as you can because Wolverine work shoes guarantee to be with you every step of the way. Wolverine footwear promises endurance, tailored to fit a woman's size for optimum comfort and protection. This brand supports strong women to tackle every workday's battle on the construction site or in industrial workspaces. Show them true girl power as you work with your Wolverine shoes on.

Puma Safety

Tough jobs require workers to wear hardworking gear for their safety. Construction Gear carries colorful protective shoes by Puma to highlight each women's own vibrant personality. Puma offers style, comfort, function, and reliable defense against the harshest working conditions in one pair of remarkable footwear. Keep your feet feeling fresh and less tired on the job site with Puma Safety.


Protect your feet from the dangers of a hazardous workplace. Nautilus safety features lightweight work shoes that meet workwear standards. Construction Gear showcases a range of Nautilus footwear to keep you safe with this brand's exceptional protective attributes, unbeatable support, and fit. Step up your game at work by wearing Nautilus.

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