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Custom Bump Caps

Custom Bump Caps

Custom Bump Caps

Outfit your work site crew with Custom Bump Caps imprinted with your choice of names or logos from Construction Gear. We will imprint on all top brands, including MSA, Bullard, Pyramex, North and other makers of safety hard hats. Get started with a minimum order of just 20 logo-imprinted custom bump caps with no set-up fee. With a set-up fee, there's no hard hat minimum. Just upload your logo to be imprinted.

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Imprint your logo on a customized baseball cap-styled hard hat

Hard hats are a well-known piece of equipment known for providing the best head protection against the harshest work environments with impact-related susceptibility and accidents. This PPE is also an effective marketing tool to promote your construction business and advocate the importance of workers' safety within the toughest conditions and in the toughest environments.

Construction Gear features an imprinting service for your bump cap-styled hard hats, allowing your company to showcase your graphic brand identity using one- to five-color logo printing. We put your logos and other graphic designs by following the silicon pad-printing process that guarantees exceptional adhesion of images on the hard hats' surface without worrying about that messy ink transfer during customization. This printing method ensures a long-lasting presentation of artistic impressions on your hard hats.

We also accept up to two logo placements and optional name personalization for selected hard hats for an additional fee. You may request to put your preferred graphics and texts on the hard hats' front, back, left, or right side with the lowest price guaranteed!

Construction Gear accepts custom hard hat printing without a minimum order quantity! We charge a setup fee for orders with less than 20 hard hats for customization. Enjoy NO-SETUP FEES and BULK DISCOUNTS when you purchase 20 or more of our custom hard hats! Email your logos at if you're having trouble uploading the ai, eps, pdf, jpeg, jpg, tif, tiff, svg, or png file on the order page. 

Insert brand imaging on protective work hats for effective advertising

Introduce your construction company or contractor services by imprinting your business symbol on your workers' PPE, such as this custom North Deluxe Bump Cap and other North Hard Hats. This hard hat customization boosts brand visibility and trade name recall while on the field, enticing the interest of potential clients to inquire about the services you offer. Personalized images on your hard hats allow site leaders to identify your team immediately and bring about a sense of safety aligned with company values and priorities for its workforce. Put your brand on top of everyone's head as you place your very own unique company logo as an additional advertising asset for your future clients to see.

The best head protection equipment for men and women

Construction Gear imprints on the best and most trusted hard hats in the market. Our custom bump cap hard hats feature ANSI and non-ANSI-rated head protection to fit your workers' requirements while operating in particular working environments. These custom hard hats are designed with high-quality materials, great ventilation, a comfortable fit, and a selection of high-visibility and other vivid colors for better worker identification on site. Construction Gear imprints on your chosen hard hat brands like MSA, Bullard, Pyramex, North, and other makers of safety headgear.

Are bump caps OSHA-approved?

Bump caps are personal protective equipment intended to protect the head against bumps and lacerations, but not all are designed to deflect impact from flying or falling objects on the construction site.

Fortunately, Construction Gear offers rated bump caps like this Custom Pyramex Ridgeline Vented Cap Style Hard Hat 4-Point Ratchet Suspension with ANSI Z89.1 Type I Class C certification. This Pyramex bump cap is made of ABS plastic material and goes with a ratchet suspension that has swinging hinge points and a four-position harness for flexibility and snug fit. It is designed with a replaceable sweatband and vented pressure pad, bearing universal accessory slots to accommodate cap-mounted earmuffs and add-ons you may need for extra protection. Its Type I classification guarantees impact protection hitting the top of this hard hat shell, while the Class C rating indicates that this bump cap does not give electrical protection for your assigned workplace.  

ANSI ratings are references for OSHA approvals. Thus, this Pyramex Ridgeline bump cap product is compliant with the working requirements set for this particular ANSI standard. 

Hi-vis and vented bump cap features for safety and comfort

Custom bump cap hard hats from Construction Gear offer hi-vis colors in safety yellow and orange to improve the workers' visibility on site. These bump caps enable co-workers or vehicle operators at the workplace to recognize you easily, especially in areas with scarce lighting. This headgear complements high-visibility clothing, perfect in warranting additional prevention of accidents caused by insufficient identification in dark portions of a construction or industrial workplace.

Vented caps like Construction Gear's Custom Pyramex Ridgeline Bump Cap 4-Point Glide Lock Suspension deliver comfort while working under the heat of the sun. It allows proper air movement between the head and the bump cap's shell, restraining the chances of having headaches or discomfort during the work shift. Always put your safety and comfort first even while promoting your business on the job by choosing the suitable custom bump cap at Construction Gear.

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