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Men's Overalls

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Do the job in style with the best Men's Work Overalls

You'll never have to soil your everyday clothes while doing handyman work around your home again.  Construction Gear offers different pairs of overalls to suit the everyday tasks for your DIY home improvements or your fixit services. We have the most durable, dependable, and high-quality utility wear from Rugged Blue, Carhartt, Dickies, Pyramex, Key Industries, Liberty, Red Kap, and OccuNomix to add to your efficiency in the work you do. Our bib pocket overalls provide comfort designed with hardwearing fabric, spacious leg fit, adjustable straps, color options, and various sizes to fit men of all different body types. Our pairs of overalls vary from light to heavyweight material that will keep you at ease in any type of season.

Your safety is always our number one priority at Construction Gear. Our product line puts forward flame-resistant, waterproof, high-visibility, insulated, and anti-static bib overalls to help get your work done effectively and safely. Be protected from paint, spills, grease, grime, and chemicals by choosing the best pair of bib pocket overalls Construction Gear has in store for you.

What is the difference between overalls and coveralls?

Overalls and coveralls are both a one-piece utility clothing but differ in design and function. Overalls are constructed with a bib, utility pockets, and adjustable straps. DIYers can each put a pair of overalls over their regular t-shirt on warm days or winter clothes while working in chilly weather. Coveralls, on the other hand, are excellent for people handling heavy equipment, manual work and within an environment vulnerable to the risk of contaminants. This clothing covers almost the entire body compared to an overall that exposes one's arms.

Choose the right workwear by knowing the benefits of various men's dress overalls

Be your own stylist as you select the perfect utility clothes befitting your job requirements. Each workwear design or fabric is essential to the kind of handywork you are engaged to work on. Doing heavy tasks around insecure environments and extreme days in a season would also cause trouble for you if you're not wearing the proper garment. Construction Gear has them for you in your every need. Learn more about our products and the ease each could bring you in your work assignments.

Bib overalls

Doing manual labor around your house or any residence as a professional requires comfort, protection, and quick accessibility to tools or equipment to get the job done as swiftly and productively as possible. A pair of bib overalls is one of the go-to apparel handymen prefer when they attend to house works such as painting, carpentry, plumbing, farming, gardening, and rugged jobs. These overalls could be made from a hundred percent organic cotton or cotton-denim blend that you can slip over your regular t-shirt or tank top to make you comfy on summer days. Some of these utility clothing can even be an extra layer of warmth during the cold season because of their heavyweight fabric and lined construction

Most workers choose to have more pockets for their bib overalls. These compartments on the bib and trouser sections allow you to carry more tools as you work on high areas of structures without bringing the entire utility box with you. Wouldn't it be convenient to climb a ladder to the roof with free hands? Make your job efficient by wearing simple yet protective workwear with maximized functionality.

Comfy blended cotton-denim bib overall jeans

Denim is the most commonly used fabric in making regular work overalls. This material absorbs sweat well, making the handyman comfortable while at work. Denim overalls have thickly weaved cotton layers to provide breathability and durability that last even when worn many times. Wearing denim overalls is much more convenient than sliding into a pair of denim pants. Overalls are constructed as a one-piece garment and have no restricting waistband like common pants that could be uncomfortable as you sit or slide under the sink or engine. This work outfit usually has a straight-leg fit to give more room for movement. Putting on denim overalls not only works wonders in doing the job conveniently but also has a classic fashion style that never goes out of trend at the job site or as casual clothing. 

High-visibility overalls

High-visibility and reflective overalls are essential, especially in working environments with low-light conditions. Having a very noticeable attire while doing railway and street jobs could lower the risk of an accident. These hi-vis overalls available at Construction Gear are waterproof, too, so people in the area can easily identify you despite a heavy downpour. Safety is one of the reasons why field workers put on their bib overalls. But if your work needs you in poorly illuminated sites, you should have hi-vis apparel to help provide an extra layer of protection for you at the workplace.   

Insulated and flame-resistant jumpsuit overalls

Working during the coldest winter days could be a lot to handle if you don't equip yourself with the proper apparel to withstand the season. An insulated bib overall makes the job easy and bearable in chilly situations. Construction Gear offers Pyramex Hi-Vis Winter Bib Overall to aid you in freezing job sites. It is made of waterproof material with quilted interior insulation and EVA kneepads to keep you dry, warm, and protected as you work through snow or controlled environments. This overall fits sizes from small to 5XL and has an elastic waistband with adjustable suspender straps, perfect to put on over your winter clothes.

From cold to fire and chemical-related workplaces, Construction Gear also brings you its flame-resistant jumpsuit in its online rack. This coverall delivers great safety standards, rated HRC level 2 and ARC level 8 with NFPA 2112 certification. This functional apparel is highly recommended for men working in an electric arc or flash fire management, such as electricians, electric utility linemen, chemical and pharmaceutical workers, and those in refinery plants.  

Petite to plus-sized overall pants

Bib overalls available in Construction Gear cater to different body shapes and sizes. Our overalls range from sizes 30 to 66 (S to 5XL), depending on the style you need for the job. This product line mostly has a straight-leg fit, but you can also find boot-cut designs to complement your footwear. Wearing comfortable functional clothes is one way to ease the struggles of manual labor and to protect yourself from harsh elements in the workplace.

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