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Women's Work Boots

Women's Work Boots

Women's Work Boots

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Show off your stylish and functional safety footwear at work

The ladies that do the tough and manual labor not only need to wear safety work footwear that makes them feel comfortable and protected every time but also something representative of them and their style. Because there is such a niche market for women's work boots and shoes, this personal protective equipment has limited distribution in the market, which leads the ladies to put up with men's footwear with more uncomfortable fits and bigger sizes than they need. Construction Gear guarantees every purchase comes with the highest quality boots and shoes that all hardworking women need to do the job safely. We have various styles that comply with the requirements of your working environment. Browse through our online catalog to find the perfect design, size, fit, and safety features that showcase girl power in every bit.

Our shoes and boots are manufactured by top makers of safety gear. Whether you need a women’s steel-toed boot or an athletic-like safety shoe, most of our ASTM safety boots are made by some of the most trusted safety footwear brands and manufacturers with slip-resistant soles and static dissipative properties in sizes made exclusively for women.

Utility boots you can depend on

Women's work boots available at Construction Gear offer different colors and designs to match your personality without taking away their protective attributes. Apart from the usual black- and brown-colored boots, we also have more feminine designs with hues of pink, light plum, and vibrant blue. Some of our work boots even have intricate and fashionable accents.

Construction Gear's stylish safety boots not only present beauty, but also that of durability, functionality, and comfort that lasts for a long time. Ladies, you don't need to bear wearing regular work boots that do not warrant safety from your hazardous job locations. Find the perfect pair of safety boots and purchase them from the Construction Gear online retail store.

Comfortable work shoes and sneakers

Enjoy the solace of putting on women's work shoes that offer sizes well-suited for hardworking ladies. Construction Gear has a wide range of protective footwear, such as athletic-styled, slip-on, and sneaker safety shoes, ready to take on long hours of standing or walking in an insecure workplace. These shoes also come with safety features that include sturdy toe caps, waterproof membrane, insulation, puncture resistance, and electrical hazard-safe components to keep the wearer away from harm.

Although leather boots are still the dominant safety shoe for women, athletic safety shoes have all of the same qualities as an ASTM-rated work boot that you can depend on while working productively in an industrial job site.

Fashionable Western-styled boots made for working

Western-styled boots are iconic footwear to show off in a rough working environment. Construction Gear not only presents this popular boot design as a beautiful pair to wear but also features functionality and protection that make the tasks easier to accomplish. All while keeping those feet safe from being punctured or broken by heavy falling objects or blades. One of those styles, the Justin 11-inch Tasha waterproof EH steel toe boots, can be purchased from the Construction Gear online retail store. 

The Tasha boots offer brown water buffalo upper leather material with a mesh lining. The insoles possess the J-flex comfort system, metallic shanks, steel safety toe caps, and oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsoles. This boot is tested to protect you from electrocution of up to 18,000 volts of electric currents. It has a waterproof membrane with cement construction to maintain dry feet despite operating in wet work sites. 

Slip on the best protective footwear with outstanding features

Industrial and construction occupations subject women to the same hazardous conditions as men. Doing tough jobs in construction, carpentry, or logging requires special footwear to fit perfectly on her feet and protect against the harmful elements in the workplace. Construction Gear features women's work boots and shoes with safety toe caps, metatarsal guards, waterproof membrane, insulated linings, soles resistant to punctures and slipping, and sizes appropriate for her hardworking feet. Learn more about our footwear's protective properties and let us help you find what you need for the site you work in.

Waterproof and insulated foot protection for wet work conditions

Enjoy dry feet despite wet working environments by wearing waterproofed safety boots or shoes. Damp feet cause discomfort and skin irritation which does not help accomplish physical tasks. Prevent the emergence of blisters, rashes, and smelly feet as you put on these waterproof Justin's 6-inch Katerina EH steel-toe boots. They boast very comfortable aspects with the J-Flex Flexible Comfort System, cushioned insoles, and triple-density insole boards. These boots even keep you safe from electrical hazards, too. Ladies need not worry about working under the rain or sloppy sites since the Katerina boots make it impossible for water and other liquid substances to penetrate the leather exterior.

If you're seeking warmth while on duty on a chilly day, Construction Gear has this pair of tan Safety Girl II insulated work boots that go with 400-gram 3M Thinsulate insulation. The insulating property of these boots manages the body heat inside the footwear and controls the moisture excreted by the skin, promising a warm feeling working in areas with low temperatures. Construction Gear also has protective footwear, such as the Timberland Pro Direct Attach, with both waterproof and insulation features to maintain warm and dry feet for hours.

Is a composite toe the same as a steel toe cap work boots?

Safety toe caps are essential features to have when working in spaces where the risk of impact and compression is high. These dangerous aspects of the workplace threaten workers from getting crushed feet or suffering permanent injuries. These safety toe caps vary in material and purpose. Construction Gear offers all toe cap types to protect your feet in different kinds of working environments.

Work boots and shoes with steel-toe caps, such as the Timberland Pro 6-inch Direct Attach waterproof insulated steel-toe work boots, are ideal for work sites with a high risk of impact and compression accidents caused by falling objects or rolling equipment. It is made of metal compounds to deflect the pressure of plunging tools or debris and resist punctures from sharp or pointed elements in a construction, logging, manufacturing, or industrial site. Steel-toe footwear provides higher impact protection than those with composite-toe caps.

Composite-toe caps, like this pair of Reebok Tyak composite-toe shoes, are 30% lighter than steel ones since they are made of non-metallic materials. These caps guarantee lightweight comfort and protection against electrical hazards. Comp-toes can handle intensely high and low temperatures because of their Kevlar, fiberglass, plastic, and carbon fiber elements. However, composite-toe caps have limited resilience against impact and compression. Thus, they are not recommended for the roughest work conditions.

Lightweight yet durable for long-lasting comfort

Work boots are usually heavy because of the many safety features that comprise the footwear. Construction Gear hears the demands of hardworking ladies for lightweight yet hard-wearing protective boots that they can wear all day long. We have Wolverine 6-inch Piper EH work boots to make every woman feel comfortable despite the ruggedness of daily manual labor. These boots also have composite toe caps that are 75% lighter than steel safety toe caps. This footwear has a waterproof leather upper and cushioned lining to maintain a dry foot for all-day comfort.

Construction Gear offers safety work shoes that are not as heavy as work boots but guarantee the protection needed to make it through the day. Our work shoes weigh less and warrant a more relaxed fit than the average safety work boots, making them exceptional for long hours of walking and standing on the work site.   

Ankle support and metatarsal guard components

Having work boots with ankle support helps the feet be stable and free from strain. This safety feature secures the feet while walking on rough terrains, ensuring comfort, enhancing performance, and minimizing foot injuries. Steel Blue Ladies' Southern Cross steel toe boots have a shorter ankle length and smaller instep suitable for women's foot anatomy.

Construction Gear also has Rockport More Energy EH internal met guard boots included in our range of safety work footwear. These boots are designed with Flex-Met internal met guards to decrease the impact or compression of falling or rolling objects that hit the metatarsal bones. This protective feature prevents the feet from being crushed and imposes damage that may result in crippling the wearer permanently.

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