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Puma Safety

Puma Safety

Puma Safety

When you were born you weren't given sharp claws and tough paws...that's why Puma® Safety has decided to give you something even better with their popular line of fierce athletic safety shoes and boots. So whether you're on the hunt or counting down until the work day ends, you need footwear that will support your feet, ankles, and back and give you strength to go above and beyond. Puma® Safety is forever faster.

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The fusion of Puma Safety heritage and trendy-styled boots and shoes for men and women

The perfect collaboration of style, function, and excellent craftsmanship delivered by Puma Safety throughout the years are the key points that set this brand as one of the most trusted work shoes in the industry. Puma Safety shoes make you feel like wearing sneakers in a rugged workplace but have outstanding protective features. You can't even tell this footwear is safety shoes at all!

Construction Gear boasts an array of superb Puma Safety work shoes and boots that present remarkable designs yet still do not compromise the safety properties the hardworking men and women on the field deserve. Get durability, comfort, protection, and trendy work shoes at a price worth every cent that Construction Gear and Puma Safety delivers to your doorstep.

Are Pumas good comfortable work shoes?

Well-loved work shoes are noted for the comfort they give to the wearer despite the rough job sites they work in. Puma Safety footwear is known for its stylish, lightweight comfort made of top-grade materials and protective properties to resist the harshest working conditions.

This brand's women's safety work shoes line includes thesePuma Safety 643965 Women's Velocity Low 2.0 Black & Silver SD and Puma Safety 633895 Women's Stepper Mid 2.0 Black & Lavender EH composite toe shoes showcase a snug fit that every hardworking girl looks for in a safety footwear. This foot protection has a composite toe cap made of metal-free fiberglass, perfect for workplaces with imminent electrical hazards. It features a BreathActive functional lining and an Evercushion BA footbed to keep the foot comfy and shock-absorbent while standing or walking for long hours on duty. Puma Safety's 643965 work shoes are recommended for work applications, such as production, warehousing, and logistics, and has a men's version presenting Puma Safety 643845 Velocity comp-toe shoes. Meanwhile, Puma Safety's 633895 footgear is excellent for construction, industrial, and manufacturing job sites.

Advantages of wearing Puma Safety footwear

Work shoes must work as hard as their wearer, so they are intended to last long and guarantee protection despite the risks present in the workplace. Construction Gear carries numerous safety work shoes and boots, and one of those is Puma Safety. But why choose this brand among the rest? Know more about the benefits of wearing Puma work shoes by reading on the list we provided for you.

Steel, composite, and ESD toe cap work shoes

Toe caps are important safety features of work shoes. Puma Safety and Construction Gear makes sure we have what you need, depending on the working conditions your feet step into. We provide a wide variety of men's and women's steel, composite, alloy, soft, and specialized toe shoes to deflect impact and pressure caused by falling debris or rolling equipment on site.

Safety boots and shoes with steel toe caps are the most commonly availed in work footwear because of their effective resistance and prevention against punctures and cutting hazards, impact pressure from plunging objects, and other threats resulting in foot injuries. Steel toe caps are heavier than variations but have a lighter version offered in alloy.

Composite toe work shoes are best for workplaces where high electric currents are expected. They are made of non-metallic compounds, making them more suitable for engineers, linemen, and staff subjected to risk of electrical exposure. Comp-toe footwear is excellent, especially with an ESD or electrostatic dissipative aspect that keeps static electricity from spreading throughout the body by reducing the static discharge from the ground. The ESD feature directs the static electricity back to the surface as the workers walk on the site.

Waterproof quality

Working with blisters and damp feet is not a feeling to tolerate during a hard day in a construction place. Puma Safety warrants a comfortable working experience by producing work shoes and boots with waterproof material to keep your feet dry despite sloppy conditions and environments. Construction Gear presents this Puma Safety 630785 Men's Tornado CTX Brown Waterproof EH Composite Toe Boots with undeniable durability and lightweight assembly, featuring a waterproof oiled smooth leather upper body and functional lining. This boot line is certified with an electrical hazard rating and heat resistance of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Great protective aspects in one pair of safety footwear. Shop from Construction Gear and get high-quality foot protection at the best deals.

Slip-resistant outsole construction

One slip or fall in a rugged workplace could lead to severe injuries. Wearing a reliable pair of work shoes with non-slip outsoles is necessary to keep accidents away that hinder good productivity at work. Puma Safety and Construction Gear has a wide range of slip-resistant footwear, such as thisPuma Safety 642925 Women's Celerity Knit Low Black SD Steel Toe Athletic Shoes. These Celerity Knit safety shoes have certifications that meet and exceed the ASTM F2413-11, F I/75, and C/75 SD standards, combined with the brilliance of a Torsion Control System in the rubber sole for added protection. Overcome oiled and wet surfaces with work shoes that guarantee good traction on these types of unstable grounds. Construction Gear has them all for you.

Athletic sneaker design

Work boots may have a firm traditional design but surely bring out the kind of protection you require at the workplace. Puma Safety not only has these tried and tested safety boots in its foot protection product line. This brand shows off a variety of colorful and stylish safety work shoes that stand out to present your unique personality without sacrificing the quality and level of protection each footwear promises. Athletic-styled work shoes offer lightweight structure to promote better comfort as you stand or work for long hours on site. This safety footwear delivers the same protective features offered by work boots, ensuring the wearer the protection they need to accomplish tasks easier, faster, and more efficiently. Order your pair of dependable foot protection from Construction Gear and have your work shoes arrive at your doorstep in the quickest timeline possible.

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