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Custom Safety Apparel & Gear

Customizing your work wear is inexpensive and a great way to promote your business. We have a large selection and fast turn around. If you have any questions or need assistance with your order please call us toll free at 1-877-411-0035 or email our knowledgeable staff is standing by to assist you.

Customize It -Design your own custom safety workwear for protection with style

Make your safety gear stand out from the rest by imprinting them with your company's logo. Construction Gear's personal protective equipment guarantees top-quality performance, and we present them extra special to you as we offer custom printing to help you get clients on the field. Putting your company's label onto safety apparel, hard hats, and eyewear boosts brand recall and lasting advertisement for prospective clients to see. Our custom safety products are the perfect below-the-line marketing strategy to grow your business.

Custom-printed protective gear also shows your compliance with the safety standards, elevating the morale of your workforce because of the way you ensure their well-being on the job. Seeing your brand image imprinted on their gear uplifts a sense of belongingness among the workers, showing them that they are part of a hardworking team, deserving every bit of protection and identification in a rugged workplace. Personalize your workwear with high-quality prints or embroidery at an affordable price available at Construction Gear.

Company logo imprints

Artworks such as logos and other company details are transferred to your custom hard hats through pad-printing. The images that went through this printing technique last longer than having stickers laid on your safety helmets. The pad-printing method offers remarkable transference of your artwork on uneven surfaces and unreachable parts of the hard hat. See how we do it in Construction Gear by watching this video.

Construction Gear's custom safety glasses don't use stickers for your logo. We print one-color logos on the lenses or temples of your protective eyewear, depending on your chosen brand. Look cooler and stylish with imprinted safety glasses at the workplace.

Custom safety clothing undergoes a screen-printing process to present your brand on high-visibility vests, jackets, shirts, and sweatshirts. This printing method guarantees vibrant images that last long on nearly all types of textiles. It is also one of the most practical and budget-friendly ways to reproduce custom apparel in bulk orders faster.

Embroidery service

Aside from printing your logos on safety vests, jackets, coats, polos, shirts, and zip sweatshirts, Construction Gear offers custom embroidery for your protective clothing. Embroidered logos tend to last long as they do not fade easily despite frequent washing and iron pressing. Artworks presented through needlework show a professional look making it a perfect choice for uniforms and workwear. Embroidered graphics look great on woven shirts, jackets, pique polo shirts, and vests. Construction Gear accommodates a minimum order of 12 items for custom embroidery with a small set-up fee. Inquire about this service and get a quotation by calling us at 1-877-411-0035 or sending an e-mail to

Construction Gear custom-printing order guide

Custom safety workwear from Construction Gear accepts different minimum order quantities and set-up charges per category. Buying custom safety gear in bulk helps your business to get the best deals with high-quality protective products and exceptional personalized graphics. Let us guide you through the ordering process and the requirements for us to make your customized safety gear and deliver them straight to your door.

Custom hard hats

Construction Gear offers custom printing of hard hats from full-brim to cap-style work helmets on brands such as Pyramex and MSA. We even print on cowboy-shaped hard hats! There is no minimum order quantity required when purchasing from the wide variety of our custom hard hat line.

Construction Gear charges an inexpensive set-up fee, for orders below 20 pieces. You can also have us print the name of each of your staff members on the hard hat for a minimal extra cost. We don't use stickers when putting your artwork on your protective helmets. Instead, we pad-print your graphic design for durable results and lasting presentation. Depending on the style, you can choose to print your logos in one- to five-colored prints and have them placed at the front, back, left, or right side of the hard hat. We allow multiple artworks printed on one hard hat for an extra fee. Contact us for a quotation.

Construction Gear guarantees fast shipping, delivered straight to your registered address. However, customized hard hat purchases are not included in free shipping promotions.

Printed reflective safety vests, jackets, branded apparel, and hi-vis clothing

Showcase your company label and/or workers' names on their Construction Gear custom safety vests. Your logos are screen-printed on high-visibility vests, showing a one- or a two-colored version of your artwork you can place at the back or either side of the chest, depending on the safety vest brand you select. Construction Gear accepts at least 12 custom safety vests to push through with the customization service. Have the advantage of not paying set-up fees when you order 20 or more safety vests. A set-up charge will be applied per logo per location for custom safety vest orders under 20 pieces. Construction Gear ships your custom safety vests 15 to 20 business days after the approval of the final proof.

ANSI-certified reflective high-vis jackets are also available for customization. Custom safety jackets also use the screen-printing technique, rendering a copy of your company logo into a one- or two-color graphic imprinted directly onto your weatherproof outerwear. Select the position of your artwork on the safety jacket, whether you want to have them at the left or right chest portion or the back. Construction Gear requires a minimum order of 12 custom safety jackets with a set-up fee to begin the printing service. Your order ships two to three weeks after proof approval.

Custom-printing your company artwork and name texts extends to high-visibility shirts and sweatshirts. Construction Gear permits placement of your screen-printed artworks at the back or chest-side part of reflective shirts and sweatshirts showing one- or two-color renditions of your logo and or text, similar to custom jackets and vests. You must also purchase a minimum quantity of 12 custom safety shirts or sweatshirts with a set-up fee per logo per location. Construction Gear gives the best bargain when you order 20 pieces or more without a set-up charge. Approve the proof as soon as possible to expect the shipment of your custom safety clothing within 15 to 20 business days.

Please submit your artwork in a camera-ready art file in .ai or .eps file extensions or vector .pdf. An additional charge for forwarded graphic designs not following the prescribed file extensions. This extra cost covers redrawing your artwork, then saving it as the applicable art file. Extra costs are also incurred for graphics in multiple locations.

Personalized safety glasses

From hard hats to safety clothing, personalizing custom safety glasses is one of the printing services Construction Gear works best at. We accept one-color logo printing on custom safety eyewear with a minimum order of 12 pairs of glasses or more at no set-up cost. However, purchasing less than 12 pairs of protective eye gear incurs a set-up fee. Once you give a nod to the final artwork proof, Construction Gear ships ordered custom safety glasses within seven to ten business days. Look cool, stylish, and protected wearing hardwearing eye protection that advertises your company as well.

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