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Custom Hard Hats

Custom Hard Hats

Custom Hard Hats

Custom Hard Hats Banner Image: Looks great with your logo. A great way to promote your business. No minimum order. Shipped right to your door!
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Work Safely with Customized or Branded Hard Hats

Hard hats are not only safety helmets to protect your hardworking men and women in the construction field. This personal protective equipment can also be a form of advertisement to promote your construction business. By simply having us print your company logo on them, prospective clients can see which company works on the structure you're building because of its prominence at the top of every construction worker's head,

Construction Gear offers custom hard hats at a discount for bulk orders. Let us work on your logo designs and choice of hard hats. We are more than delighted to serve your company's requirements! Know more about our hard hat collections and see what fits your needs.

The benefits of each OSHA-approved safety hard hat type for your job

These safety helmets block harmful elements from injuring one's head. But, each type of hard hard serves a specific purpose as indicated by the OSHA and ANSI standards. Construction Gear provides OSHA-approved hard hats to ensure your workers' safety in the workplace.

Construction Gear has available conductive or ANSI Z89.1, Type 1, Class C certified helmets, such as the Custom Pyramex Ridgeline Vented Cap Style Hard Hat, to reduce the impact of falling debris to the head. This type of helmet is recommended for construction laborers who are not working on electrical aspects of the architecture.

For workers specializing in electrical works, ANSI Class E and G approved hard hats like our Custom MSA V-Gard Full Brim Hard Hat and Custom Bullard Model C33 Full Brim Hard Hat can safe-keep them from electrical hazards. Each of these ANSI classes provides electrical protection depending on the voltage of electricity to be dealt with at the site.

We offer complete protection as we also have hard hats like our Custom Fibre-Metal SuperEight Full Brim Hard Hat, bearing all three ANSI class types to secure the wearer from impact and electrical exposures.

What are OSHA requirements for hard hats?

Construction Gear assures utmost protection as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA. Our list of hard hats complies with OSHA's PPE standard guidelines, making each product perfect to prevent harmful situations that may lead to head injuries caused by impact, falling objects, or electrical shocks and burns. According to the OSHA requirements, your protective headgear must take in the shock intensity from a blow to the head and have durability against penetration of plunging debris or stationery items in the construction area. Hard hats must also be water-resistant and slow to burn. Our branded safety helmets are made with hard outer shells, shock-absorbent lining, and reliable suspension straps to meet the features set by OSHA for head protection. 

OSHA applies the use of hard hat colors in particular situations and job assignments in the workplace. Green hard hats are for safety inspectors and occasionally new workers. Yellow hard hats are intended for earthmovers and general laborers, while blue helmets are used to identify carpenters, technical workers, and the temporary workforce. Road crew, visitors, and new employees must wear orange hard hats at the construction site. Construction Gear has all these colors, and other shades too, in our online racks for your manpower identification and segmentation.  

The purpose of different hard hat shells and vented designs

Hard hats, at first glance, may all look the same, but you will see their differences when you take a detailed look. It's better to understand their purpose to help you in choosing the most suitable protective headgear for your job assignment.

Full brim style

As its name notes obviously, a hard hat molded in this design features a sturdy brim surrounding its full circumference edge. These full-brim hard hats provide 360-degree protection for one's head against plummeting tools or rubble at a construction site, chemical splash from working in factories and plantations, and exposure to rain or the intense heat of the sun. This style is considered to offer better protection than other hard hat designs. Check out our Custom Pyramex Matte White Graphite Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat to see how it can aid you in the workplace.

Cap style

Cap-style hard hats like our Custom ERB Americana Vented Cap Style Hard Hat offers lightweight head protection equipment that looks similar to the ones baseball players wear during a game. This hard hat design gives impact protection for the top of the head but gives a minimal shield against environmental elements since its brim occupies only the front part of the hard hat. If your job site is not exposed to the scorching sun or drenching rain, a cap-style hard hat is good enough for you.

The cool style: Cowboy hard hat

Wearing a Custom Vulcan Cowboy Hard Hat offers a wider barrier from sun exposure, UV rays, glare, and rain because of its extensive brim design that goes around this safety helmet. It features protection and a classic fashion sense that you could flaunt at the job site.

The importance of vents and Ridgeline or V-Gard reinforcements

Air circulation inside a hard hat through the vents is important, especially if the wearer works under warm or high-temperature. Vents prevent heat from getting trapped inside the hard hat and avoid higher temperatures on the worker's head that may cause discomfort. Electrical-use hard hats do not have vents since electric currents can pass through them and crawl toward your head.  

Ridgeline or V-Gard reinforcements at the top mid-section of the hard hat, as seen on the Custom Pyramex Ridgeline Bump Cap and Custom MSA V-Gard 500 Vented Cap Style Hard Hat, contribute to the better impact resistance of a hard hat. These reinforcements are raised portions of the hard hat shell, providing distance between the worker's head and the contact object. 

Print your construction company logo with customizable hard hats

Construction Gear has the best branded hard hats to value everyone's safety at the job site and effectively advertise your business for recognition and sales growth. We deliver personalized protective equipment in various brands, styles, materials, colors, and sizes suitable for the jobs to be accomplished in the workplace at low prices and fast shipping. 

Construction Gear does not put your company logos with paint or stickers. We use high-quality colors to print on your hard hats. You can present your logo between one- to five-colored graphic layouts, placed at the front, back, left, or right section of the utility wear. Some of our products even offer a spot for a second artwork for placement on your hard hat. Start showing company pride while promoting the business as you work on the field! If you have any questions about our custom safety products, call us at 1-877-411-0035.

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