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Hard Hat Accessories

Hard Hat Accessories

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The best hard hat suspensions and attachments at Construction Gear

Hard hats may look like sturdy shells that protect the head from dangerous impacts that can threaten one's life, but they go beyond just being head armor. This head protection gear is useless without its suspension system. Construction Gear offers different attachments to make your hard hats more dependable for the safety of our hardworking men and women. We have accessory items, such as hard hat liners, headlights, adapters, suspensions, and cooling components, to keep each head gear effective in shielding one of the most important organs of the body.

What is the insert of a hard hat called?

Suspension systems are essential in supporting hard hats comfortably on workers' heads and helping them deflect impact since these attachments raise the shell a few inches above the top of the head. These headgear accessories hold up the head and neck upright to minimize the strain and lessen the fatigue from executing strenuous activities on a construction site or any workplace that requires manual physical labor.

Suspension styles come in either ratchet or four-point adjustable suspensions. The ratchet style features a single- or dual-point adjustable suspension located at the back of the head and ensures fast and trouble-free modification to fit any head size in terms of height and circumference. The four-point adjustable suspensions present four straps to suit a variety of head measurements. Construction Gear has trusted brands designed with up to eight-point alterable suspension systems to give the necessary protection a laborer needs in specific hazardous working environments.

Liner replacements from MSA and other brands for continuous safety

Changing hard hat accessories is vital to the performance of this head protection equipment. Hard hat liners or suspension straps are included with those attachments that need regular replacements. Replace these soft, shock-absorbing liners every 12 months to warrant extended head protection against impact or compression caused by falling objects on the site. Keeping your hard hat liners re-equipped at all times lessens the workers' exposure to detrimental injuries or casualties.

Construction Gear has an array of hard hat liner replacements from trusted brands like MSA. We carry MSA's Fas-Trac III liners ranging from four- to six-point suspension replacements and those fitting the MSA Staz-On and V-Gard series. Our Pyramex cap-style hard hat adapter is perfect for personalizing your hard hat since it suits most cap-styled head armor. It provides an outlet for attaching a face shield, ear muffs, and other accessories easily. This Pyramex product comes with a four-point ratchet suspension, sweatband, and high-vis reflective strip for added comfort, stability, and visibility to the wearer. Liner replacements for Pyramex, Fibre Metal, ERB, North Peak, Bullard, Vulcan, and Lift hard hats are also available at Construction Gear.

Winter hard hat accessories to make you warm and cozy

Not all days at the workplace are warm, especially when projects are making their way into the chilly seasons. Construction Gear solves your winter workwear needs by offering a range of hard hat liners to keep your head and face warm without worrying about frostbite. Choose among our full open- and half-open-face head covers to provide warmth and comfort during the cold, winter conditions.

FR fitments and face shields that guarantee extra protection

Some construction sites expose workers to hazardous elements, like sparks from welding works and liquid splashes. Equip your hard hats with flame-resistant liners and disposable hard hat face shields to prevent dangerous objects and substances from getting close to your eyes and skin. We value your safety. Protect your head and charming face with dependable hard hat attachments brought to you by the expert in workwear, Construction Gear.

Lights and headlamps to guide you in dark work spaces

Spending the night shift at the workplace can make workers susceptible to harmful debris they can't see coming toward them. Add lights and headlamps to your hard hat to maintain good productivity at work, particularly in low-lighted spaces. These illuminating accessories are best recommended for miners, construction workers, and other job applications where you need hands-free luminescence while taking on manual tasks. 

How do you make a hard hat cool?

Make the summer heat bearable while working on heavy tasks at construction or industrial sites. Construction Gear offers hard hat accessories suitable for every season. We have neck shades, sweatbands, and cooling pads attachable to most hard hats that deliver comfort and keep the wearer from the risks of heatstroke. Read on and find out how our various cooling hard hat attachments make your headgear pleasant to wear despite the stifling heat outdoors.  

Protect yourself from the sun with a hard hat shade

Working under the sun can cause skin diseases brought by UV rays. Some hard hats are designed to provide partial shade to the upper face but do not protect the back of the neck from direct sunlight. If that's the case, Construction Gear has different styles of accessories you need to cover your lower head and shoulder from potentially harmful sun rays. Our hard hat shades enable laborers to work harder for longer on warm, summer days, giving them a cool feeling while on duty.

Cooling pads and sweatbands for your hard hat gear

Hard hat cooling accessories control the body heat trapped between the hard hat shell and the top of the head by evaporating sweat faster and releasing a cooling effect. The cooling pads absorb sweat effectively and let the moisture evaporate quickly, emitting cool ventilation inside the helmet's shell. Hard Hat Sweatbands and Brow Pads take away the irritating itchy sensation you get when you sweat a lot. These fitments wick away perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable. They serve as a cushion between the hard hat and the head. Don't let those trickling bits of sweat come down your face and distract you from whatever it is you're accomplishing. Shop at Construction Gear and order the most suitable hard hat add-ons.

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