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Lift Worker Safety and Comfort to a Secure Level with Reliable Hard Hats and Accessories

Protect yourself at all times while working in rugged workplaces by wearing trustworthy personal protective gear. The chances of acquiring head injuries become less as you put on a sturdy hard hat at the construction site, warehouse, or industrial job locations. Construction Gear offers a wide selection of protective helmets made from dependable materials and colors and classified according to your job assignment at the field. Our product catalog varies from traditional hard hat designs to stylish helmets. We also personalize your chosen hard hats by printing your firm's logo on them. Hard hat accessories are also available in case you need to replace your hard hat's suspension or add protective and comforting features to your headgear, such as a face shield, headlamp, ear muffs, liners, neck shade, and cooling towels.  

More information regarding ANSI and OSHA Head Protection Regulations is available on our Head Protection FAQ page.

Full and cap brim hard hats

Safeguard yourself with 360-degree head protection by gearing up with a full-brim hard hat style like this LIFT DAX Carbon Fiber Full Brim FIFTY/50 Hard Hat. This kind of hard hat is molded with a brim surrounding the edges, keeping you safe from all angles against falling objects, chemicals, and the scorching sun in the summer or downpours during the rainy season. It offers better protection than hard hats with cap brims. Cap-styled safety headgear also provides impact resistance on top of the head but exposes the nape from harsh elements of the environment. With either style you prefer, our hard hats are made from the sturdiest materials, such as HDPE, fiber resin, carbon fiber, ABS plastic, and other reliable materials suited for the safety requirements at your job site. 

Vented and non-vented hard hat styles

Safety helmets must provide comfort to the wearer to guarantee productivity at the workplace, particularly in warm or high-temperature working conditions. Vented hard hats allow proper air circulation inside the protective headgear. Like other hard hats with airways, MSA V-Gard 500 Fas-Trac III Vented Hard Hat improves the airflow by letting out body heat from one's head and taking in a breath of air for the worker's comfort. However, not all laborers are recommended to equip themselves with vented helmets. Electricians and engineers are encouraged to wear non-vented hard hats for extra protection against electrical shock. Airholes on hard hats invite electrical currents to trail inside and cause electrocution. Knowing your job designation at the site is essential before you pick the right hard hat to keep you out of harm's way. 

Custom-printed logos for your protective gear

Advertise your firm and have people in the community know who's building what in the vicinity. Construction Gear offers to custom-print your company logo and other useful details about your business using high-grade colors to attract prospective clients to contact your office. One- to five-colored graphic layout options are available for you to choose to be printed at the front, back, left, or right section of the hard hat. Other brands in our racks are also open to doing a second artwork placement on your hard hat, should you need it. Browse through our personalized hard hat selections or call 1-877-411-0035 to inquire about more details.

Cooling and insulation accessories for construction and industrial work sites

Boost work efficiency by supplementing your hard hats with cooling and warmth-inducing accessories, helping your workers physically be at ease while working. Construction Gear has cooling pads, bandanas, and towel wraps to alleviate the discomfort brought on by hot summer days or high-temperature work surroundings. Winter liners are also up for grabs to keep you cozy working through freezing weather. You can find other protective head accessories as well, such as ear muffs, face shields, headlamps, and neck shades, within our roster of products to assist you better on your assigned tasks at the site. 

What are the 4 main types of hard hats?

Type 1 and 2 Hard Hats

Types 1 and 2 safety helmets decrease the force upon impact of an object to the top of the head. However, Type 2 hard hats extend the protection should the blow comes toward the side of the head.

Class G or General Protective Hats

Class G hard hats are intended for general use. Protective hats under this classification have impact and penetration resistance from falling debris and minimize the risks of shock when exposed to low-voltage electrical conductors from up to 2,200 volts.

Class E or Electrical Hard Hats

Class E hard hats guarantee the highest defense while working in sites with electrical hazards. This safety helmet type is non-conducting and warrants the wearer dielectric protection of as much as 20,000 volts. Class E safety helmets, like other hard hat types, protect the head from the forceful impact of gravitating objects at the site but serve as an extra shield from the dangers of high-voltage electrical shocks and burns.

Class C or Conductive Safety Hats

Class C hard hats provide lightweight comfort and impact protection. This type is not intended to resist electrical currents and to keep you safe from electrical conductors. 

What do hard hat colors mean?

The use of hard hats in the workplace follows a specific code to easily recognize workers and the nature of their tasks within the project. But do you know what these colors tell whenever you're on a job site? OSHA prepared guidelines to organize the firm's manpower and keep track of the workers' safety. If you're the one who oversees the project, white hard hats are meant to be on the heads of managers, foremen, engineers, and supervisors. Safety inspectors and new or probationary laborers wear green helmets, while earth-moving operators and general workers use yellow protective headgear. Blue hard hats are for carpenters, technical staff members, electricians, and temp workers. Brown is to identify people working in high-heat applications, such as welders, and orange is for the road crew, visitors, and sometimes new workers on the site.

How long do hard hats last?

Hard hats usually have a lifespan of up to five years from the day you first use them or take them out of storage. However, subjecting your protective headgear to intense environments, too much sunlight exposure and excessive use can cause the material to deteriorate gradually, shortening the expected lifespan of your safety helmet by up to two years. Once a hard hat experience and get through a collision from falling debris, replace it right away because its strength may be compromised to survive another impact. While hard hats last for quite some time, suspension straps need yearly replacements to maintain head protection.

Where to buy hard hats?

If you're looking for a variety of hard hats and accessories to expand your product options, Construction Gear is the best online store to purchase your protective headgear. Our shelves are filled with different certified hard hat types, materials, functional designs, and supplemental fittings to protect you from the minute you step into a rugged workplace. Why focus on only one brand of hard hats when you can have a wide selection of high-quality PPE offered in one shop? Construction Gear values your safety, comfort, and convenience in choosing the best products.

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