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High Vis Safety Vests

High Vis Safety Vests

High Vis Safety Vests

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The best quality hi-vis reflective work vests from Construction Gear

Safety first is our motto here at Construction Gear, which is why we offer the most dependable workwear brands to protect persevering men and women on their rugged job sites. Our high-visibility reflective safety work clothing is among Construction Gear's wide range of garments to make the wearer recognizable in low-lighted working conditions. These hi-vis safety vests are made of neon-bright material and some with reflective accents to add visibility while managing traffic, being first responders to an emergency case, or operating during night shifts in an unstable workplace.

Construction Gear provides a wide selection of hi-vis safety workwear, complying with different ANSI class standards that match their corresponding job requirements. Non-ANSI-rated high-visibility work vests are also available at Construction Gear for non-life-threatening work assignments on industrial sites. Be seen and be safe with our reliable work vests.

What is an OSHA-approved safety vest?

The government mandates the wearing of high-visibility safety vests in tough working environments through the compliance of this workwear with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA regulations. However, OSHA  does not particularly indicate the materials, colors, or reflective details used on the vests.

Meanwhile, the American National Standards Institute or ANSI certifies that all the standards are met in the production of personal protective equipment, such as these safety apparel, by using rated hi-vis colors, fabric, and measurements of reflective stripes on the work clothing. ANSI provides different types of standards to match specific job descriptions and environments. Therefore, a manufacturer must comply with the ANSI quality as its standards are references to secure OSHA approval for high-visibility safety vests.

Guarantee your protection near traffic areas and other sites with low-lighting conditions while wearing OSHA-certified high-visibility reflective safety vests.

What's the difference between ANSI Class or Type 1, 2, and 3 safety vests?

ANSI Classifications for high-visibility reflective safety vests cater to certain targeted environments through certain bright colors and the dimensions of their reflective tapes on the apparel. Regardless of safety vests with zipper front or pocket designs, ANSI-rated hi-vis workwear is best recommended for traffic enforcers, emergency first responders, road maintenance workers, and construction crews operating in the wee hours of the night or sites with scarce lighting. Read on and find out which ANSI Standard is perfect to keep you safe considering the area you're stationed in.

ANSI Type 1 safety vest, like Construction Gear's Pyramex RCZ2411 Enhanced Visibility Safety Vest, is usually designed with a sleeveless cut and has at least 155 sq. in. of reflective tapes and 217 sq. in. high-visibility yellow or orange trims, enough to notice workers situated in very low traffic sites with under 25mph vehicular speed. Parking attendants, warehousemen, and road site personnel use this vest since the threat of impact is typically low.

The Type 2 ANSI rating showcases increased visibility than the Type 1 vest. Our General Electric GV076 Type R Class 2 and GV084 Type R Class 2 High-Vis Expandable 5-Point Breakaway Safety Vests are excellent for worksites with an ongoing traffic flow of 25 to 50 miles per hour. This classification is constructed with 775 sq. in. of hi-vis background fabric and 201 sq. in. of reflective strips that are at least 1 inch wide. Type 2 high-visibility safety work vests are very noticeable during the day and even more so at night. It is perfect for people working as toll operators, surveyors, school crossing guards, airport tarmac employees, road construction workers, and staff doing railway or public transportation maintenance work.

ANSI Type 3 hi-vis safety vests, such as Construction Gear's Pyramex Safety RVZ31 Series Type R Class 3 Short Sleeve Safety Vest, are intended for workers set to manage high-speed traffic with speeds exceeding 50mph. These hazardous job environments require the utmost visibility for drivers to see roadside workers or enforcers ahead immediately to avoid accidents that may lead to serious injuries or death. Most Class 3 vests are designed with short sleeves and have at least 1,240 sq. in. of safety yellow or orange fabric with a minimum of 310 sq. in. reflective trimmings. This ANSI-rated workwear is ideal for utility workers, tow truck operators, incident site investigators, emergency first responders, roadside assisting staff, and highway construction workers.

Construction Gear also has non-ANSI-rated safety vests for jobs not exposed to too many hazards but still grants workers the visibility to get them noticed in low lit areas. Rugged Blue Non-ANSI High-Vis Mesh Safety Vest features the safety yellow and orange fabric options to guarantee safety while accomplishing tasks in areas with inadequate illumination. 

Men's and women's quality hi-vis vests for different applications

Neon-bright security vests for highway traffic and emergency response

Get noticed right away while working near fast-moving vehicles by putting on a Class 2 or 3 ANSI-rated high-visibility safety vest. Construction Gear offers a wide range of work vests to make you easily seen doing road work in the daytime or the middle of the night. Our Pyramex RVHLM29 Type R Class 2 Mesh Safety Vest provides lightweight comfort that a worker can put over any regular clothes, regardless of the season. We also have this Class 3-rated OccuNomix LUX-HSCLC3Z Mesh Two-Tone Vest with Zipper to enhance your visibility near highways. Wearing this hi-vis PPE lessens the risk of becoming a victim of a roadside accident as you glow with neon-bright safety vests while managing the traffic flow. 

Responding to road or community mishaps in dark locations can also cause harm to first responders at the scene. Construction Gear offers ANSI-rated OccuNomix hi-visibility safety vests LUX-PSP for the Police and LUX-PSF for Firemen made of 100% ANSI polyester tricot material with 3M Scotchlite reflective strips where the "Police" and "Fire" texts are imprinted for better recognition of public safety officers in the area. 

Surveyor worker vests with multiple pockets

Surveying technicians and inspectors make sure that every construction site is safe from structural damage. Surveyors need to be easily seen in workspaces with insufficient luminescence by wearing bright-colored work clothing, such as these Rugged Blue Class 2 High-Vis Two-Tone Solid Surveyor and OccuNomix LUX-HSGCS Class 3 Classic Mesh Surveyor safety vests. These work clothes are designed with several pockets to store any tools you need within reach to inspect and record the job site. These surveyor's safety vests are also perfect for workers employed in municipalities and shipyards.

Flame-resistant (FR) hi-visibility safety vests

Sparks and flammable objects are present in a construction site. The workers that are assigned to using welding machines, grinders, saws, or other tools that produce scorching specks everywhere near them must wear flame-resistant clothing to shield the skin from burning. Construction Gear has dependable FR hi-vis safety vests, such as this Occunomix LUX-SSFG Flame Resistant Safety Vest constructed from 100% ANSI modacrylic, Nomex thread, and FR binding that meets the STM F1506, NFPA 70E standards with an arc rating of ATPV = 5.1 cal/cm. Get an extra layer of protection by picking the most suitable FR safety vest from Construction Gear.

Custom-printed company logo designs on high-visibility vests

Personalizing work clothing benefits boosting brand awareness of one's construction business. Employers enjoy on-the-ground advertising as workers wear the company logo screen-printed on custom safety vests delivered by Construction Gear. Your company only needs to order a minimum quantity of 12 safety vests for us to proceed with the custom printing. Purchase 20 or more of these hi-vis vests and enjoy zero set-up fee! A set-up fee per logo and location on one- or two-color prints will be charged for orders under 20 pieces. Check out Construction Gear's Custom OccuNomix LUX-ATRANS Type R Class 2 and ECO-GCZ3 Type R Class 3 High-Vis Safety Vests, and we'll take care of the rest of the printing process for you.

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