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Shop for quality men's and women's work gear collection

Sturdy tools and clothing are necessary to keep workers productive, comfortable, and protected as they do the physical tasks required in gritty working environments. Construction Gear delivers the type of clothes you need from executing manual labor in specific workplaces, such as construction sites, industrial plants, warehouses, roadways, and other places where hazardous elements threaten one's safety.

Our store features a wide range of workwear from the most trusted brands like Carhartt, Wrangler, OccuNomix, Dickies, Key Industries, Pyramex, and Online Stores' very own Rugged Blue. Construction Gear also provides customization of these work clothes to promote your company while your staff is on duty on the field. See all the items we have in store for you and your job requirements by browsing our online catalog or reading on for more workwear suggestions.

What is considered construction workwear for men and women?

Workwear for rugged work conditions must withstand strenuous manual labor, warranting durability, and protection. This apparel line works as hard as the men and women carrying out the tough jobs in accident-prone workplaces. Reliable workwear features comfort, resilience, and usefulness to guarantee the workers' safety and productivity while on duty.

This clothing typically has safety properties to block off electrical, chemical, mechanical, and health hazards, that can cause injuries or long-term disability. Assess your work conditions, and find the item at Construction Gear. 

Timeless-styled functional work clothing from top to bottom

Construction Gear has an assortment of workwear from head to toe. Hooded sweatshirts, moisture-wicking t-shirts, hard-wearing pants, gloves, safety eyewear, and other protective clothing are available to match your work environment. We have a variety to ensure one's safety and to produce remarkable results in no time. Get every workwear you need from Construction Gear's one-stop online shop.

Casual-looking yet hardwearing work shirts for rugged jobs

Comfy work shirts from Construction Gear feature various forms, necklines, and fabric types to deliver a pleasant work experience despite the manual labor one must endure. We offer crewnecks, short-sleeved, and henley worktops like these Timberland PRO A1HNS Men's Short Sleeve Base Plate and KEY Industries 825.01 Heavyweight Henley t-shirts. These classic-styled shirts offer breathable fabric and sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry while performing tough tasks on the job site.

Long-sleeved shirts extend protection to the entire arms against too much exposure to sunlight and UV rays. Construction Gear's Carhartt K126 Men's Long Sleeve Workwear T-Shirt and Carhartt K128 Long Sleeve Workwear Henley have a spacious fit to allow free movements that won't limit you from executing your functions at work.

Button-down tops like our Wrangler Riggs 3W531 Chambray and Wrangler Riggs 3W501 Twill work shirts show off a style between casual and professional looks. These shirts guarantee a great range of motion because of their roomy cut. This kind of fabric is also perfect for custom embroidery to promote your business through the presentation of your brand or company logo on your workwear.

Durable and comfy work pants, shorts, and overalls

Partner your worktop with a sturdy and dependable work bottom from Construction Gear. We have a selection of pants, shorts, and overalls to shield the lower half of your body from the harshest working conditions and environments. Our product catalog offers safety work bottoms in denim, twill, cotton-canvas blend, cotton ripstop, and flame-resistant fabric, with protective details to match the requirements of each workplace.

Construction Gear's carpenter's pants like the Wrangler Riggs 3W020 feature comfort and strength to make woodworkers more efficient in what they do best. Bring color to any space as you wear our toughened painter bottoms like Online Store's very own Rugged Blue Natural Reinforced Knee Painters Pants and Safety Girl Women's Painters Pants. Kneeling to paint the lowest parts of a surface can be easy and comfy because Construction Gear offers painter pants with knee pockets you can put pads in for extra protection.

Multi-pocketed utility bottoms, such as these Rothco Vintage Army Digital Camo Infantry Utility Shorts and Blaklader X1600 Utility Pocket Work Pants, are included in Construction Gear's workwear lineup to provide convenience. These work pants deliver accessibility to hand-held tools, helping you work faster than carrying a bag full of tools while working in rugged workspaces. Handymen would love Construction Gear's assortment of work jumpsuits like these Rugged Blue Painter and Red Kap BD10 Denim bib overalls. This work clothing is designed with a roomy fit, allowing the execution of easy movements while doing physical tasks.

No job is too tough when you wear Construction Gear's safety work wear. Check out our store and find the best worker's apparel suitable for you and your job's requirements.

Chilly weather is no problem with worker jackets and coats

Let's admit it, it's not always rainbows and sunshine at the workplace. Prepare for the wettest and chilliest weather conditions by gearing up with the most comfortable work jacket or coat you can find at Construction Gear.

Rainy days will not get you down when you have outerwear with dependable waterproof qualities over your regular work clothes. Construction Gear provides a selection of rain suits and liquid-repellant outer garments to keep you dry and comfy under a pop-up shower or downpour. One of our top-rated waterproof workwear is this Blaklader US Pro 4939 Waterproof Softshell Jacket that delivers a wind and waterproof membrane to maintain a warm and dry feeling in wet working environments. Maximum body coverage from liquid splashes is ensured by Custom Leather Craft's R105 Two-Piece Yellow Rain Trench Coat and River City's Three-Piece Classic Rain Suit

Equipping your wardrobe for work shifts during winter days is another task altogether. Well, worry no more! Construction Gear has a variety of work jackets and coats, such as the Dickies 33237 Men's Fleece Lined Hooded Nylon and Dickies FJ15 Women’s Eisenhower Insulated Jackets, to make freezing work temperatures bearable. Our Carhartt C003 Men's Arctic Quilt Lined Duck Traditional Coat is also perfect for trapping body heat to sustain warmth and resist the icy wind or moisture you encounter when working outdoors.  

Be noticed easily wearing hi-vis outfits

High-visibility clothing and accessories are also available at Construction Gear to prevent accidents as you work in low-lighted spaces. We feature ANSI Class-certified and non-rated hi-vis vests and sweatshirts that make sure you are immediately recognized as you work near low or high-speed traffic and heavy machinery. 

Workwear apparel with flame-resistance

Suit up with dependable armor from Construction Gear to safeguard you from hazardous work elements. Flame-resistant clothing is an important workwear aspect every welder or electrician must have in their wardrobe cabinet. This apparel lessens the risk of catching skin burns caused by sparks or hot projectiles emerging from combustible elements and small hot molten particles produced by the friction of two metals. Construction Gear has the best flame-resistant shirts, pants, overalls, coveralls, outerwear, hi-vis workwear, and head covering.

Pair your work clothes with some clothing accessories

Clothing accessories are excellent to cool you down during summer or warm you up in the winter. Our cooling hats, bandanas, towels, vests, and neck shades can prevent you from suffering heat stroke or any other heat-related conditions under the scorching summer sun. Warmers and winter hats are also up for grabs in time for the snow season.

Construction Gear has lined up various add-ons, such as hard hat accessories, welding caps and sleeves, belts, and socks, for extra safety, comfort, and protection. Check them out, today.

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